VERY OLD PHOTOS – all with dogs of course

Happy Doggy News has a soft spot for two things: dogs and vintage photographs. Naturally, when we come across an old photo featuring a dog, we just can’t resist. We’ve gathered a charming collection to share with you because we believe these timeless images are as delightful as a wagging tail.

We sincerely thank all the wonderful people in these photos and, of course, their four-legged companions. Each snapshot is a glimpse into a bygone era filled with the warmth and companionship that dogs have been providing for generations. We hope you enjoy these precious moments as much as we do. Here’s to the people, the dogs, and the timeless joy they bring! 🐾📷✨

This is a photo we just keep looking at over and over. We love that we know the name of the person and doggy in this photo and the year it was taken. Just wonderful! The third photo shows Sandersfoot Beach in Pembrokeshire today.

We are trying to work out the possible date of this photo by this lovely lady’s immaculate hair style. We are in love with the little black dog who is obviously use to having many cuddles. What year do you think? The lovely dog has a very nice bed and so we think this lady may have had a little money?

Well meet gorgeous boy GEORGE. Obviously super loved as George’s owner has bothered to pop this photo into the typewriter and add his name. Lovely to meet you George!

A very smart young man embracing a dog on the street. Impossible to know whether this is his own dog or one that he met on the streets! Not sure if the man has something metal from his right pocket, maybe he is in some uniform. For some unknown reason, the first thought that came to our heads and with no real idea why, is that this man looks like a prison warden.

We have piles of these wonderful photo’s. Before we start to just publish, could you let us know if you would like to see more – if we get a good response, we shall publish many more!

Love Alison and JET the admin Chihuahua here at HAPPY DOGGY NEWS!

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