National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week – CHAPTER 1

Happy Doggy News is excited to shine a spotlight on the upcoming National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, taking place during the first full week of November, from November 5 to 11. πŸ—“οΈπŸΎ

This special week is all about recognising the incredible dedication of various shelters providing care and hope to millions of displaced animals.

To celebrate this fantastic week, Happy Doggy News has asked our wonderful readers to introduce their amazing rescue doggies. Whether they are from a shelter, or have been adopted from anywhere else.

Thank you, Leonor, for your beautiful photo showing above of Goku, your super cute doggy and the love of your life. Dogs have an incredible way of mending our hearts and bringing so much joy and love into our lives. Goku is lucky to have found a forever home with you. πŸ’•πŸΎ


Meet Dylan, the ageless wonder at 15 years young! 🐾

Dylan’s story is a heartwarming one. Rescued at the golden age of 10, he embarked on a new adventure with his brother Oscar by his side. Though Oscar crossed the rainbow bridge last year, their bond will always remain unbreakable. πŸŒˆπŸΆπŸ’”

Dylan is living proof that age is just a number. With the love and care he’s received, he’s aging like fine wine, growing wiser with every passing year. 🍷✨

We’re sending Dylan heaps of belly rubs, treats, and ear scratches to celebrate his longevity and the cherished memories he holds close to his heart. Thank you for sharing his incredible journey with us! πŸ’•πŸ•πŸŽ‰

Rescue girl Bonnie Sue is truly the hero of your family, bringing love and joy to every moment. πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ•

The bond she shares with your grandson is nothing short of magical. There’s something so beautiful about the connection between a child and their furry best friend. Bonnie Sue is teaching important life lessons like compassion, empathy, and unconditional love. πŸ’–πŸΎ

In your heartwarming photo, you’ve captured a moment that perfectly illustrates the magic of family, both the two-legged and the four-legged members. Bonnie Sue’s story is a testament to the incredible love that rescue dogs bring to our lives. πŸ‘πŸΆπŸ’•

Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us. Bonnie Sue and your grandson make quite the dynamic duo! πŸ‘¦πŸΆπŸ’«

out their wonderful Facebook page called Hemi’s Way and Bonnie Sue TooΒ 

Mija, the 10-pound bundle of feistiness, was an absolute charmer with those big, expressive eyes. 🐾

It’s clear that from the moment you two met, a unique and unbreakable bond formed. The love and connection between a rescue dog and their human are truly special. Mija was one lucky pup to have found her forever home with you.

Rescuing her at 7 years old was a beautiful act of kindness and love, offering her a second chance at happiness after a difficult time. These late-life adoptions are so heartwarming, giving older dogs the opportunity to spend their golden years in a loving and caring home.

Mija’s memory will forever live on in your heart, a testament to the incredible impact a furry companion can have on our lives. Thank you for sharing her story with us. 🌈🐢❀️

Check out their brilliant Facebook Page called PICKLES THE PUG

Zeus is a true survivor! Rescued at just 16 months old, he embarked on a new journey filled with love and care. 🐢❀️

Rescue stories like Zeus’s are a testament to the incredible capacity of dogs to adapt, heal, and thrive when given a second chance. It’s wonderful to know that he found his forever home with you, where he can enjoy a life filled with love, play, and happiness.

Zeus’s story is a reminder that there are countless dogs out there, just waiting for someone to open their hearts and homes to them. Thank you PAM for being a hero in Zeus’s life and sharing his story with us. 🌟🐾

Pam and Drago are quite the dynamic duo! Pam’s decision to rescue Drago when he was just 10 weeks old is a heartwarming testament to the incredible bond between humans and their furry companions. 🐾❀️

Rescuing a dog is a life-changing experience, and Drago is one lucky pup to have found a loving home with Pam. It’s a journey filled with love, adventures, and countless cherished moments.

Alan, your story with Yuki is truly touching and filled with compassion. Being a “failed Foster parent” in this case is a wonderful thing, as it means you provided Yuki with a forever home filled with love and understanding.

Rescuing a dog like Yuki who was so close to a tragic fate is a remarkable act of kindness. It’s heartwarming to see the incredible bond that has formed between you, your daughter, and your neighbors. Yuki found a loving and caring family in all of you, and her story is a testament to the power of second chances.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, and for opening your heart and home to Yuki. Your kindness and compassion have made a significant difference in her life, and we’re sure she’s brought immeasurable joy to yours. 🐾❀️

Alan, it’s wonderful to hear that Bonnie has been a part of your life for almost two years now. The fact that she’s a Romanian rescue makes her story even more special. These rescue dogs often come from challenging backgrounds and finding a loving home where they are cherished is truly heartwarming.

The bond you’ve formed with Bonnie over these years is undoubtedly strong, and it’s evident that she’s found a loving and caring family with you. Thank you for opening your heart and home to her, and we’re sure that Bonnie brings joy and happiness to your life every day. 🐾❀️


Susi, we’re so sorry to hear about Lola’s passing. She was so lucky to be adopted by yourself. Losing a beloved pet is incredibly difficult, especially when they’ve been a cherished part of your life for so long. It’s clear that Lola was more than just a pet; she was your “soul dog,” and the bond you shared was undoubtedly deep and special.

Though Lola is no longer with you physically, she’ll forever remain in your heart and memories. She left a paw print on your soul, and her spirit will always be a part of you. We hope that time will ease the pain and that the beautiful memories you shared with Lola will bring comfort and warmth. 🐾❀️

Now, let us introduce you to this fabulous duoβ€”Millie and her Mum are the dynamic team behind the “Jane the Dog Groomer” parlour in the Broads. With such a cute and fluffy assistant, who wouldn’t want to get their pup pampered there? πŸ›πŸ©

But here’s the twist in Millie’s tale: She was rescued at three years old, and she’s got a quirky personality quirk. Millie is an absolute CAT lover, and when it comes to fellow doggies, well, let’s just say she’s a bit more “paws”itive about her feline friends! πŸ±πŸΆπŸ˜…

It just goes to show that dogs have their own unique personalities, quirks, and preferences. Millie, you keep doing you, and thanks for sharing your delightful photo with us! πŸ’•πŸ•


Jane the Dog Groomer in the Broads  http://Jane the Dog Groomer in the Broads

Thank you, Lenie, for sharing your enduring love for Tammy. It’s heartwarming to hear that she’s been a cherished part of your life for 14 wonderful years. The bond between a dog and their human is truly something special. πŸ’•πŸΎ

We’re immensely grateful to Tammy for gracing us with her delightful tales and for being an integral part of the Happy Doggy News community over these past few years, contributing to the warmth and camaraderie that binds us all. πŸ“°πŸΆβ€οΈ

We extend our warmest gratitude to Selena, a true hero for rescuing and nurturing these incredible pups. Her compassionate spirit shines brightly as she provides love and care to not just one, two, or three dogs but an incredible nine!

It’s truly heartwarming to witness her dedication to these rescue dogs. Selena’s kindness knows no bounds, as she even opens her home as a foster parent for dogs like sweet Agnes.

Her devotion to these furry friends is a testament to the bond that exists between humans and their canine companions. Happy Doggy News is privileged to have Selena and her amazing rescue dogs as part of our cherished community.

This is just the first chapter of many more to come this week. With so many beautiful doggy photos received, we’ll be sharing several posts each day. Stay tuned for more adorable canine content! πŸΎπŸΆπŸ’•


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