November is Peanut Butter Month, and here at Happy Doggy News, we’re keeping it real. We’ve all heard about dogs loving peanut butter, but is it safe for them?

Let’s cut through the peanutty haze and get to the facts. Can our furry friends really enjoy this nutty delight, or should we be cautious?

Let’s find out!

Is peanut butter your dog’s kryptonite, that magical treat that makes their eyes light up like they’ve discovered buried treasure?

Well, the good news is, most dogs can savour this creamy delight! But, hold on to your leashes, folks – not all peanut butter is created equal. When you’re on a peanut butter run for your four-legged friend, pick the unsalted, unsweetened, and all-natural kind. Think pure peanut goodness without any funky additives like xylitol (that’s the villain here, a sugar substitute that can send your pooch to the doggy ER).

Now, don’t go nuts with the peanut butter jar. A little dab will do! Use it as a reward for being a good boy or girl or even for sneaking in that pesky medication. Dogs lap it up faster than you can say, “Who’s a good boy?” But remember, just like we humans can overdo the ice cream, too much peanut butter can pack on the pounds for your pup.

So, keep it in check, be the peanut butter police, and consult your friendly neighborhood vet if your fur baby has any special dietary needs or allergies.

Peanut butter can be your dog’s best buddy, but don’t let it turn them into the neighbourhood chunkster!

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29 days ago

Some good facts and wow Bobi what a grand age ❤

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