CELEBRATING MAGIC DAY – creating Magical pictures from your ideas!

Forget Halloween; it’s time for Magic Day, and let’s face it, dogs are the real masters of illusion. One moment, your sandwich is on the kitchen counter, and in a flash, it’s gone – pure doggie magic!

But on October 31, we’re celebrating National Magic Week, a full week dedicated to the craft of magicians and their bag of tricks. Now, while we can’t expect our furry friends to pull rabbits out of hats (more like socks from the laundry basket), it’s an excellent time to appreciate the enchantment that both dogs and magicians bring into our lives.

After all, who needs a magic wand when you have a dog that can disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye every time they hear the word “treat”? 🐢✨


HAPPY DOGGY NEWS has been brewing up some magical moments with our readers! We asked you to conjure up a topic, and like skilled magicians, you delivered.

From your enchanting suggestions, we’ve carefully crafted some spellbinding pictures. It’s amazing how a dash of imagination can turn an idea into a visual masterpiece, and we’re thrilled to share these captivating creations with our wonderful readers. So, let’s dive into this world of magic!

Thank you to the winners for the ideas HAPPY DOGGY NEWS loved the best – you can download and print the picture created for you!

Thank you Tina who suggested a little scruffy dog with a wizard hat around a cauldron! Awwwww, look at this little guy!

Thank you Tyler who suggested a picture like ‘Where’s Walley’ but for Magic Day! Super super super cute, adorable!

Thank you Jacqueline and Ray who suggested a Great Dane riding on a Witches Broomstick! Really eyecatching, this is the one we are going to print out!

Thank you Stephen for suggesting Red Setters dancing along side a scary witch. This one has really come out interesting!

Thank you Sarah for suggesting Husky’s in wizard hats on a sleigh! Very random but we love it!

Thank you Kit for suggesting a witch and her old english sheep dog both wearing witches hats! This is rather cute we think!

Thank you to JET our own Chihuahua for suggesting a Chihuahua with a magic wand who has just turned a prince into a frog! Oh my goodness, sweetness sweetness!

Thank you Pete B. for suggesting a staffordshire bull terrier dog holding a spell book sitting in scary dark woods! We love this picture, stunning actually!

Thank you D.C. for suggesting a witch and a wizard walking hand in hand walking their dogs! This is so very soulful!

Thank you Honour for suggesting a black dog with a spell book! This has turned out so lovely!

Thank you Tom for suggesting a Wolfhound with a little friend both conjuring up a spell. Just beautiful!

Thank you Shirley for suggesting some wizard dogs running around the woods carrying sticks! We are liking this one!

Thank you Sarah for suggesting Cockapoos celebrating Magic! Ooooooh we are spellbound!

Thank you Karen for suggesting little dogs sitting on a bench wearing wizard hats, round a cauldron and wearing bandanas. Quite descriptive and super cute!

Thank you Phil for suggesting just ‘ MAGIC DOGS’ but this came out lovely!

Thank you Mum….. for suggesting ‘ DALMATIONS, FLYING CARPETS and FROGS……. wonderful!

We’re absolutely thrilled by the overwhelming response we received with more requests than we ever expected! It warms our hearts to see such enthusiasm from our readers. So, we’ve decided to make this a recurring feature and conjure up more delightful pictures for you on future special occasions. The magic doesn’t stop here! Stay tuned for more enchanting moments with HAPPY DOGGY NEWS, and let’s keep the excitement alive!

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