Spooky Halloween Special: The Blue Dog Legend

Welcome, Happy Doggy News readers, to a chilling tale just in time for Halloween! Gather ’round for one of America’s oldest ghost stories – the eerie Blue Dog Legend. Brace yourself for buried treasure, murder, and restless spirits in this haunting narrative.

Our story unfolds in the quaint town of Port Tobacco, Maryland, a place that’s become little more than a whisper on the map, with a population of only 13. Yet, its roots run deep, spanning over 300 years.

Our story centres around two unlikely companions: Charles Thomas Sims, a recently retired soldier who’d fought in the Revolutionary War, and his loyal Bluetick Coonhound (whose name remains shrouded in the mists of time). While Sims wasn’t a soldier of fortune, he did partake in a night at a tavern where he, in his drunken revelry, boasted of a grand fortune. His heedless words revealed the existence of a bag of gold and a prime piece of property deed in his possession.

πŸΆπŸ’°πŸ’” Unfortunately, Sims’ loose lips did more than just sink ships – they ignited a dark chain of events. Local patrons at the tavern decided that Sims’ fortune should rightfully belong to them.

Upon leaving the tavern that fateful night, Charles and his faithful hound were silently pursued by a local named Henry Hanos, leading a small group. As they ventured down the eerie Rose Hill Road in the dead of night, Hanos and his companions ambushed Sims, attempting to steal the gold and the deed. Tragically, this encounter turned fatal, leaving Sims lifeless. And when his loyal hound courageously tried to protect its owner, the group turned their cruelty upon the dog.

In a bid to secure their ill-gotten gains, Hanos and his gang concealed the gold and the deed beneath a heavy rock along Rose Hill Road, planning to unearth it later when suspicion surrounding Sims’ disappearance had dissipated.

However, destiny had other plans. When Hanos returned to the spot where the treasure was concealed, he encountered an otherworldly guardian – the ghost of Sims’ hound. It was an imposing, ethereal figure, its fur a ghostly shade of blue, and it struck terror into Hanos’ very soul. The apparition was so horrifying that Hanos fell ill, and within days, he departed from this world.

The bag of gold and the deed vanished into legend, never to be seen again. However, over the centuries, numerous witnesses have reported sightings of the legendary Blue Dog. Its spectral presence has made the Blue Dog Legend one of the United States’ most enduring and bone-chilling ghost stories. If you’re seeking a spine-tingling tale this Halloween, look no further than the Blue Dog Legend of Port Tobacco, Maryland. Beware the spectral guardian and the secrets it protects! πŸŒ™πŸ•πŸ‘»


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1 month ago

What an amazing story …not even in salem xxx

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