Harvey’s at Crosby Beach and has his first School Photo

Harvey, our beloved canine explorer, embarked on an exciting day out at Crosby Beach. Fabulous lively Harvey relished every moment, from the refreshing sea breeze to the soft sands, and, of course, the thrill of dashing into the water. We love these photos Harvey!


But what made this day truly special was the newfound friendships Harvey forged. At the shoreline, he met fellow four-legged adventurers, and it was an instant connection. Creating a heartwarming spectacle that brought smiles to all who witnessed it.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Harvey’s beach escapade came to a close, leaving behind cherished memories and a trail of sandy paw prints. It was a heartening reminder that the simplest pleasures, like a dog’s day at the beach, hold the most warmth and happiness.

This week, Harvey also had his very first school photo, capturing his proud moments of achievement. Harvey adores school, where he not only passed tests in commands like “stay,” “wait,” and “find” but also showcased his problem-solving skills by unravelling puzzles for tasty treats. At just 6 months old, Harvey is not only enjoying every moment but also proving himself to be a remarkably clever and eager learner. Way to go Harvey!

At Happy Doggy News, we’ve been following Harvey’s wonderful journey, and we can’t help but ask, “Harvey, what will you be up to next?” We look forward to sharing more of his delightful adventures and celebrating the sheer joy he brings to our lives. Here’s to Harvey and all the dogs who enrich our days with their boundless love and unbridled enthusiasm.

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