Canine Intuition: Dogs Remarkable Perceptions

By [Alison Antoniou], Canine Correspondent

Hold on to your leashes, folks, because dogs aren’t just man’s best friend—they’re also the four-legged fortune tellers of the pet world! Move over, crystal balls, there’s a new mystic in town, and they’ve got fur.

Ever caught your dog acting like a psychic paw-reader?

First up, the nose knows! Dogs’ snouts are like scent superheroes. Forget about ‘follow your nose,’ dogs can smell their way to another galaxy! Their olfactory superpower is off the charts—think of it like having a GPS for smells. They sniff out treats, burglars (well, sometimes just the mailman/lady), and even predict the neighbour’s BBQ before the grill heats up.

Riley pictured above is truly remarkable! It’s incredible how our furry friends, like Riley, can sense changes in our health and well-being. He’s doing an amazing job looking out for his Mum and helping her manage her sugar levels. Dogs have a unique ability to offer comfort, support, and even alert us to health issues. Sending lots of love and well wishes to Riley and his Mum! 🐾💕

But that’s not all! Their ears are like radars on high alert. They can hear a crinkling treat wrapper from miles away. Ever whispered “walk” and watched your dog suddenly transform into a four-legged tornado of excitement? Yep, those ears don’t miss a beat.

And let’s talk about intuition. Dogs have it in spades. They’re the emotional support gurus we never knew we needed. Feeling down? They’ve got cuddles on standby. Stressed out? They’ll bring you a shoe to chew on (just kidding, but it might help!). It’s like they’ve got an emotional X-ray vision, seeing straight through our poker faces.

While the “sixth sense” label might be a stretch, our furry friends’ incredible abilities to sense and react to the world around them is a reminder that the best things in life often have four legs and a wagging tail. So, next time your dog gazes into the distance like they’re solving the mysteries of the universe, just remember—they might just be.

We shall be publishing some of our Readers thoughts on doggy sixth sense this evening and tomorrow x

Mary Belle is an incredibly empathetic and loving companion. It’s heartwarming how she instinctively knows when her Mum needs comfort and affection. Dogs have an amazing ability to sense and respond to our emotions, providing comfort and companionship during difficult times. The bond between Mary and her Mum is truly special and filled with love and understanding. 🐾❤️😊

Check out their lovely Facebook page too…..

Teddy Webster and Gizzy Woo Woo are not just adorable; they’re incredibly perceptive and emotionally connected to their Mum Maureen. It’s amazing how dogs can sense changes in routines or behaviours that signal a departure. Their loyalty and love are heartwarming, but it’s also clear that saying goodbye is tough for both the dogs and their Mum when she goes on holiday. The bond between them is truly special and shows the depth of love and understanding that exists within their furry family. 🐾💕😢

Just a few nights ago, after a bout of ill health resulting in a very sore back and a recent hospital visit, Roslyn found comfort in her loyal companion, Harley. Throughout this challenging period, Harley has remained steadfastly by her side, offering a closeness that brought solace during her recovery. Their bond, evident in Harley’s unwavering presence and concern, provided a source of comfort and warmth during her time of need. 🐾❤️

Anita’s doggy is quite the mind reader! The minute thoughts of a beach trip trigger such excitement, and then encourages the sound of whining in anticipation. It’s like a sixth sense tuned into Anita’s thoughts. The joy and feeling for those beach adventures is palpable, and the eagerness adds to the excitement and build-up of the upcoming outing. An ability to sense and share in the excitement makes the beach trips even more special and memorable for everyone involved. 🐾🏖️😄

Wee Snoop, the vigilant one, has a knack for knowing when the postie is nearby, showcasing his keen ears and acute senses. It’s as if he has a built-in postie radar that activates at the slightest hint of the mail carrier’s arrival. Not only is he an excellent watchdog, but he’s also a loving and perceptive companion. Snoop’s ability to sense when his owner isn’t feeling well demonstrates his deep empathy and intuition, making him the ultimate source of comfort and solace. 🐾💙😄

‘Tyson papá, fue un gran amigo, compañero y guardián al grado de dar la vida x su papá humano, no hubo ni habrá otro como él 💖’ – BLANCA

Senior Tyson was an exceptional companion to his papa. He possessed an intuitive nature and was wholeheartedly dedicated to protecting his human Dad, to the extent of being willing to sacrifice his own life for him. There has never been and will never be another like him. Tyson’s loyalty, bravery, and the deep bond he shared with his human Dad left an indelible mark on their hearts, reminding us of the extraordinary connections that can exist between humans and their beloved animal companions. 💖🐾

When it comes to DEANO, it’s almost as if he’s preparing for a covert career in doggy mimicry. It’s like he’s conducting a social experiment of his own, where he’s the dedicated observer. While he captures their behaviours, it’s a daily source of laughter and amusement in the household. DEANO has somehow become the unwitting star of their own in-house “What Will DEANO Do Next?” reality show. 🐾😄

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