🐾 Happy Doggy News Presents: Meet Milo and Lexi—Our Everyday Canine Stars! 🐾

At Happy Doggy News, we’re dedicated to sharing the simple, heartwarming stories of canine love that brighten our lives.

There’s something truly magical about the everyday adventures of our furry companions—the wagging tails, the playful barks, and the unconditional affection that fill our homes.

Let’s meet the very wonderful MILO (big boy on the left) and his sister LEXI (little girl on the right)!

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS interviewed these two cool babes ….. MILO told us ‘We love our Mum and love our lives. We do get up to mischief everyday but it seems like Mum quite likes this!’ LEXI quickly responded with ‘well sometimes she does MILO!’ with a little coy look. Happy Doggy News sort of felt LEXI was actually planning her next shenanigans whilst we were chatting with her!

We thank them both for taking time out of their busy days to talk with us!

Milo is a charmer in his own right. His goofy antics and affectionate nature make every day a delightful adventure. Milo’s presence can turn his Mum Kirst’s mundane day into a joyous one, and his loyalty is as boundless as his love for treats. Milo mentioned ‘even without treats actually!’

Then there’s Lexi, a small fur ball with a heart of gold. Despite her petite frame, Lexi’s ability to bring comfort and love knows no bounds. She’s the epitome of sweetness, warming the hearts of everyone she meets. Lexi’s cuddles are the best. She says ‘I sometimes cuddle up to my brother Milo on the settee but prefer cuddles with my Mum as she gives great belly rubs too!’

Together, Milo and Lexi form a dynamic duo, showcasing the beautiful contrast of big and small!

Milo is a true water lover. He’s always ready for a good swim, showing his playful and adventurous spirit. His affection for chasing balls adds an extra dose of excitement to his water escapades.

Lexi has a soft spot for her teddy bear collection. She adores spending time with her humans, relishing every affectionate pat and playtime session. Despite her petite frame, Lexi has a playful side, often teasing her big brother Milo. Lol, we can’t believe that Lexi! Their friendly banter and the way Milo lovingly tolerates Lexi’s is adorable to see.

Lexi recommends all doggies get their own pets. She says ‘as long as you are willing to love and look after them, any dog can share their love with say, a rabbit or a cat, whatever animal you like! Maybe keep them smaller than your own size!’

When Kirst returns home after a hard day’s work, Milo and Lexi are the first to greet with wagging tails, a welcome that instantly brightens her day.

Milo and Lexi’s story is a testament to the magic of canine companionship. Their ability to bring joy, laughter, and love into the lives of their family is a reminder of the precious moments that make every day a little brighter.

Thank you guys for introducing yourselves, we have two more furry friends here at HAPPY DOGGY NEWS and it warms our hearts to write a little about you both here.

With love and thanks to Kirst (Mum). Sending you a big hug!

We recently wrote a little remembering story for Kirst’s beautiful doggy Georgie. You can read that story here….. Life without dogs for Kirst would simply not be the same! They are her family!

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