MEET SCRUFF – a true inspiration!

This touching story begins with Joanne, a dedicated dog lover and the proud owner also of Scruff’s parents. When this little gorgeous guy was born, he emerged as the lovable runt from the fifth and final litter. What is so lovely to hear is that Joanne has stayed in close contact with the other pup owners from that same litter, forming some lovely bonds. Which of course also means that Scruff still see’s some of his furry siblings. We are loving this!

Scruff adored his Mum and she totally loved him, however, facing life’s difficult challenges Joanne was in a position where her circumstances led her to make a difficult yet compassionate decision – Scruff needed a new home but it had to be where Joanne still had visits and cuddles with Scruff whenever she wanted. So the choice of Scruff living with Joanne’s Mum and Scruff’s older sister Dolly was perfect. A wonderful home where he would still be cared for and loved and was still in the family for Joanne to remain in regular contact.

SCRUFF WITH DOLLY ON NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH DUTIES! Although beautiful girl Dolly is no longer here, she is enjoying her adventures over the Rainbow Bridge! – GO DOLLY!


In his new home, Scruff continued to enjoy life with his dear furry sister and loving human grandmother. Scruff was living the best life surrounded by so much love!

Oh my goodness, we are loving these photos of you Scruff. What an adventure life is!

Life took another turn when Joanne’s Mum fell ill and became bedridden. At this point in Joanne’s life she was in the perfect position to take Scruff back home with her as well as Scruff’s beautiful sister Dolly. The journey of having a Mum unwell was challenging, yet the love for Scruff and Dolly propelled Joanne forward.


‘Scruff loves the park he always made a bee line for the brook! He loved playing in the snow which he hadn’t seen until they moved up with me!’ – JOANNE

Scruff unfortunately was also facing health issues during his time away. He displayed signs of doggy Parkinson’s – a rare ailment that affected his mobility. Despite the physical struggles, Scruff exhibited a remarkable spirit, refusing to let the condition define him. This is exactly what we see when a dog is super loved!

With a resolve to enhance Scruffs quality of life, Joanne sought medical advice and opted to introduce wheels to aid his mobility. To everyone’s astonishment, Scruff embraced his newfound mobility and independence. His wheels enabling him to roam freely and reclaim the parks and beaches he once loved. Oh my goodness Scruff, your photos are making us feel so very happy. You are a true darling and inspiration!


This journey of love together is a testament to the transformative power of love, empathy, and the incredible bond that exists between a dog and their dedicated owner.


Scruff has indeed come a long way from being the runt of the litter to becoming a symbol of courage and love.

‘Scruff is now 11 , he got to 3 months old and never really grew much bigger he’s got a huge character. So so friendly. He’s a huge part of our family.’ – JOANNE

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS would love to follow the adventures of SCRUFF, we hope to update you with his journeys!

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS is so happy to be your friend Scruff. We thank you so very much Joanne for sharing your story with us. We cannot express how these stories help other’s to make the decision to adopt wheels for their dogs. It is proof that a dog’s life can dramatically be improved with this type of help.

If you would like to find out more about DOG PARKINSON’S, there is really good information on link below.

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS supports this wonderful charity…..

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Scruff is adorably inspirational. Love his tenacious spirit!

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