🐾 Happy Doggy News Presents: Laura’s Inspiring Journey with the Beautiful BELLA ROSE

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS will be following the life of the beautiful BELLA ROSE and this is Chapter one.


HAPPY DOGGY NEWS brings you Laura’s story of resilience, healing, and hope. Meet BELLA ROSE, the adorable pup who entered Laura’s life during a time of deep sorrow and is since becoming her steadfast support through life’s challenges.

Laura’s world was forever changed the night she bid farewell to her hero, TED. (you can read all of TED’S stories with links at the bottom of this page – you will fall in love for sure!)

Little did she know that BELLA ROSE, a precious gift from her partner and sister, would soon arrive to help heal her wounded heart. At just six months old, BELLA ROSE has already proven to be more than just a companion; she is training to become an assistance dog with RAD, an esteemed organisation in Leicester.

Please take a look at their fabulous work here…..

Laura, who courageously battles depression, anxiety, CPTSD, BPD, and cardiac problems, finds solace and strength in BELLA ROSE’S presence. This furry angel has passed her dog beginner course with RAD and is continuing her training journey to her intermediate course, further honing her skills to assist Laura.

The impact BELLA ROSE has had on Laura’s life goes beyond the realm of traditional support. This remarkable pup provides comfort during moments of tears, curbing self-destructive behaviours like self-harm and head-hitting. BELLA ROSE’S innate understanding of Laura’s needs extends to creating a protective barrier, shielding her from triggers that lie behind.


In addition to her incredible emotional support, BELLA ROSE is being trained to detect and alert Laura to high heart rates and episodes of fainting, which can arise from her cardiac conditions. The bond between Laura and BELLA ROSE strengthens with each training session, as they embark on a journey of mutual growth, resilience, and overcoming adversity.

With BELLA ROSE by her side, Laura gains the confidence to step out of her comfort zone and venture beyond the confines of her home. The pup’s unwavering loyalty and love encourage Laura to embrace life and take on new challenges. Together, they create a harmonious partnership that navigates the difficult path of grief while shining a light on the future.

Laura’s story is a testament to the transformative power of a four-legged friend. As she trains BELLA ROSE, her mind finds respite from the weight of other struggles, and her heart begins to mend. With each step forward, Laura finds solace and hope, knowing that her beautiful girl is her ever-loyal companion, providing unwavering support and comfort in even the darkest of moments.

We at Happy Doggy News are inspired by Laura’s journey. Their story serves as a reminder of the remarkable healing power that dogs possess. As they continue their path together, we celebrate their triumphs and stand alongside them, witnessing the incredible strength that comes from the love between a human and their furry companion.


We look forward to following the life of BELLA ROSE – love to you gorgeous Laura…..

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS were so sad when we heard that one of our favourite doggy’s in the whole world had to leave for his next adventures over the Rainbow Bridge. Check out his wonderful stories here….

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Tails Around the Ranch
2 months ago

Having been the upright member of a pet therapy team with Angel Norman, this story especially touched my heart, not only because Bella Rose looks vey sheepdog-ish, but also because of the wonderful work she is doing for her mistress. Looking forward to subsequent adventures of these two.

Tails Around the Ranch
2 months ago

Many thanks, Alison. I’ll try to get my act together to help you with that update. It’s still a very raw situation, most likely made so because of all the intense experiences we shared bring joy to folks at the hospital. Norman did all the work but I couldn’t help being touched with his ministering to everyone he came in contact with. 💙

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