“Cyprus: A Doggie Love Revolution Unveiled over 33 Years”

For the past 33 years, I have been visiting Cyprus to spend time with my family. Each trip has held a special place in my heart, but there’s something truly extraordinary about the changes I’ve witnessed in how dogs are treated and loved on the island. From the early days of my visits to the present, I’ve experienced a profound transformation in the way Cypriots regard these furry companions. It fills me with immense joy to see the growing compassion and affection that now envelops the dogs of Cyprus.

Welcoming your dogs on the beautiful beaches!

In the early years, dogs were often seen as working animals or used solely for protection. Their roles were defined by utility rather than as cherished family members. However, as the years passed, I observed a shift in attitudes. People began to recognise the incredible bond that can be formed with dogs—the unwavering loyalty, the unconditional love, and the pure joy they bring into our lives.

During my visits, I’ve witnessed the increasing number of families who now open their homes and hearts to dogs. These once-forgotten creatures have become cherished companions, sharing in the daily joys and challenges of family life. Parks and public spaces are now vibrant with the sounds of laughter and the pitter-patter of paws, as dogs and their owners enjoy the outdoors together.

One of the wonderful Dog Parks in Limassol

The rise of pet-friendly establishments across the island has also been a heartening sight. Cafés, restaurants, and shops now warmly welcome dogs, creating a more inclusive and compassionate environment. It warms my heart to witness the smiles and laughter that ensue as people interact with these furry friends, forming connections that transcend species.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed the growth of organisations dedicated to animal welfare and the promotion of responsible pet ownership. These groups tirelessly advocate for spaying and neutering programs, provide medical care to those in need, and work diligently to find loving homes for abandoned and neglected dogs.

As I reflect on my many years of visiting Cyprus, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of happiness for the dogs and their newfound place in society. The shift in how they are treated and loved brings a deep sense of fulfillment. It is a testament to the capacity for change and growth within a community, and it fills me with hope for a more compassionate future.

Cyprus holds a special place in my heart, not just for my family connections, but for the remarkable transformation I have witnessed in the treatment and love bestowed upon these wonderful dogs. I am grateful to be a witness to this journey and to have experienced the warmth and kindness that now radiate from the people of Cyprus towards their four-legged companions.

Dog loving life on Paphos Beach!


Paws Dog Shelter (www.pawsdogshelter.com): Paws Dog Shelter, located in Nicosia, Cyprus, is a registered charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs in need. They work tirelessly to provide medical treatment, shelter, and care for abandoned and abused dogs until they find their forever homes.

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2 months ago

What a lovely story ,we dont have enough dog parks in the u.k

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