Happy Doggy News goes wild for Tongues Out Tuesday!

We’ve seen tongues long, tongues short, tongues curly, and tongues sticking out like nobody’s business.

It’s a veritable tongue extravaganza!

We hope you love and giggle as much as we have…..

Prepare to have your heart melted by the one and only GEORGE! This handsome boy has captivated our hearts here at Happy Doggy News with his undeniable charm and loads of character. With a twinkle in his eyes and a wag in his tail, George has a personality that shines brighter than the sun. His playful nature and affectionate spirit make him the perfect companion for endless adventures and heartwarming moments. We can only imagine the incredible stories and delightful antics that George brings to the table. Get ready to fall head over paws for this lovable canine and be prepared for a lifetime of joy and laughter in his presence. George is the epitome of everything that makes dogs so incredibly special.


Here we go, enjoy the ride!

Introducing the handsome and camera-ready Saint! This gorgeous boy is a natural in front of the lens, captivating hearts with his charm and photogenic presence. To all the elite doggy models out there, we invite you to reach out to Saint through our newspaper. Whether it’s fashion shoots, product endorsements, or other modeling opportunities, Saint is ready to bring his star power and pawsitive energy to the forefront. Don’t miss the chance to work with this incredible canine talent. Contact us through our newspaper to connect with Saint and let the world see his undeniable charm!

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Meet Benny, the epitome of joy and cheekiness! This adorable bundle of fur never fails to bring a smile to the faces of those he loves. With a perpetual grin and a mischievous little tongue, Benny is an absolute delight to be around. His infectious happiness and undeniable cuteness make him a total heart-stealer. If you’re in need of some pure, unadulterated gorgeousness in your life, Benny is your go-to companion. Prepare yourself for endless laughter and unforgettable moments with this lovable charmer. Benny is eagerly waiting to spread his love and mischief to all who are fortunate enough to know him!

Say hello to the incredibly adorable BUNCHY! This furry sweetheart has mastered the art of using his tongue to achieve both sheer cuteness and get exactly what he wants from his humans. With every wag and flick of that little tongue, Bunchy knows how to melt hearts and wrap his loved ones around his paw. Whether it’s a belly rub, a tasty treat, or a game of fetch, Bunchy has the perfect recipe to charm his way into getting whatever he desires. His clever and endearing tactics will leave you utterly smitten. Get ready to be enchanted by Bunchy’s irresistible cuteness and watch as he effortlessly wins over hearts wherever he goes!

Introducing the one and only PICKLES THE PUG, who has graced us with a fabulous Tongue Out Tuesday photo! This charismatic pug is not only a master of adorable tongue antics but also a social media sensation. If you’re looking for some heartwarming and entertaining content, be sure to visit Pickles’ wonderful Facebook page aptly named “Pickles the Pug.” From funny anecdotes to daily adventures, this page is a must-read for all pug lovers and anyone in need of a smile. Join the growing community of Pickles’ fans and experience the joy and laughter that this charismatic pug brings into the world. Prepare to fall head over paws for Pickles and embark on a delightful journey through their charming updates! 🐶❤️📸 Don’t miss out—visit “Pickles the Pug” on Facebook today!

Allow us to introduce you to Keisha’s adorable puppy, who is currently lost in the world of lovely doggy dreams. Shhhhh, let’s not disturb this precious moment of pure bliss. Just take a look at that cutie pie! With those innocent eyes and sweet snores, this little bundle of joy has stolen our hearts here at Happy Doggy News. The overwhelming desire for a cuddle is irresistible, as we can’t help but imagine the warmth and love that radiates from this adorable pup. Keisha’s puppy is a true treasure, a source of endless love and happiness. We’re sending virtual cuddles and well wishes to this little dreamer and hope their dreams are filled with nothing but joy and wagging tails.

We want to give a special shoutout to TESS, one of Happy Doggy News’ sweetest supporters! Tess never fails to bring a smile to our faces with her heartwarming messages and delightful photos. She’s a true dog lover through and through. We appreciate Tess’s dedication to keeping in touch, even going the extra mile to contact us via Facechat, WhatsApp, and any device she can find when her mum is asleep. Tess’s enthusiasm and love for furry friends are truly inspiring. We cherish every interaction with her and eagerly await her updates and adorable snapshots. Thank you, Tess, for being a paw-some part of our Happy Doggy News family! Keep spreading the love and sharing those amazing moments with us.

LOLA couldn’t make up her mind about which photo she wanted Happy Doggy News to publish. With so many gorgeous shots, many of them showcasing her fabulous “Tongues Out Tuesday” profile, Lola was spoilt for choice. But fear not, for Jet, the admin and creative director Chihuahua of Happy Doggy News, stepped in to lend a paw in the decision-making process. After careful consideration, Jet selected this absolutely fabulous photo of Lola to grace the pages of our publication. We couldn’t agree more with Jet’s choice, as Lola’s undeniable charm and tongue-out cuteness shine through. We thank Lola for sharing her delightful photos with us and appreciate Jet’s impeccable taste in selecting the perfect image. Stay tuned, as Lola’s enchanting presence will surely bring joy and smiles to dog lovers far and wide in Happy Doggy News!

Let’s celebrate the incredible bond between Meli and her hooman mum, who hold a special place in the hearts of Happy Doggy News! This fabulous photo showcases Meli’s wonderful tongue and her undeniable talent for entertaining us dog lovers. We can’t help but be enchanted by her playful and charismatic nature. For even more delightful moments and heartwarming content, we encourage everyone to visit Meli and Mommy’s engaging Facebook page, appropriately named “MELI AND MOMMY.” This super lovely page is filled with captivating updates, adorable snapshots, and stories that will melt your heart. Join their vibrant community and be part of the joy and laughter that Meli brings to dog lovers around the world. Don’t miss out on the fun—head over to “MELI AND MOMMY” on Facebook and let their infectious happiness brighten your day!

Say hello to the cute and very handsome boy, DASH! It seems that Dash was having an absolute blast in the sunshine and wasn’t quite ready to go back indoors when his hooman mum suggested it. Engrossed in his busy doggy activities, Dash convinced his mum to capture this fantastic photo to share with Happy Doggy News for our beloved “Tongues Out Tuesday” feature. Just look at that infectious joy and those adorable tongue-out vibes! Dash’s zest for life is evident, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to showcase this delightful moment. Thank you, Dash and Dash’s mum, for providing us with such an incredible snapshot that embodies the spirit of pure doggy happiness. Keep enjoying the sunshine, Dash, and keep bringing smiles to our faces!

Let’s all join in celebrating the wonderful milestone of LILY’s one-year adoption anniversary! This beautiful girl, now three years old, has found her forever home and is living her best life. Lily’s transformation is truly heartwarming, and we’re overjoyed to hear that she’s thriving in her new loving environment. It’s clear from this specially modeled photo, where Lily confidently shows off her angelic pose and adorable tongue-out expression, that she knows just how loved and cherished she is. Happy Doggy News is honored to feature Lily’s photo as part of our “Tongues Out Tuesday” post, spreading her contagious happiness and showcasing her journey of love and resilience. Congratulations to Lily and her loving family on this significant milestone. May her days be filled with endless joy, wagging tails, and unforgettable memories.

Shelly’s sweet doggy has mastered the art of getting Mum’s attention and getting whatever she wants, and it’s all thanks to that irresistibly cute little face! Who could possibly resist those adorable eyes and that tongue-out expression? It seems like this TONGUES OUT TUESDAY photo might just be a clever code for “Hey, Mum, I’m feeling a little hungry. How about getting up and getting me something?” 🤣 We can’t blame Shelly’s doggy for using such an effective strategy to communicate their desires. After all, those puppy eyes and that cute tongue are simply too hard to resist. We hope Mum is quick to respond and satisfy all the doggy cravings. Keep being adorable and using your charms, little one!

Let’s give a big shoutout to BELLA, a longtime supporter of Happy Doggy News! We jump for joy every time Bella sends in her super happy photos, and we’re thrilled to share this one for TONGUES OUT TUESDAY. Bella’s infectious happiness and adorable tongue-out expression are the perfect ingredients for spreading smiles and laughter. We’d also like to send lots of love and woofs to Bella’s lovely Mum, Amanda. We appreciate your continued support and the joy that Bella brings to our Happy Doggy News community. Keep those amazing photos coming, Bella and Amanda! Your enthusiasm and love for dogs are truly heartwarming. 📸🐶❤️ Woofs and love to you both!

We hear you loud and clear! The collective “awwww” echoes through the air as we introduce the undeniably adorable duo, STELLA and COCO! These two cuties have captured our hearts with their incredibly cute and tiny little tongues. It’s hard not to melt at the sight of their picture-perfect pose. This photo is truly the epitome of perfection and the ideal addition to Happy Doggy News. We’re so grateful to have the opportunity to share this heart-melting moment with our readers. So, keep those “awwwws” coming, everyone! Stella and Coco deserve all the love and adoration they’re receiving. Stay tuned for more lovable moments from these two little darlings. 📸🐶❤️ Awwwwww!

Let’s extend a warm welcome to our lovely friend, GRACIE! Residing in the vibrant city of London, Gracie enjoys a blissful life with her doting mum, Margaret. Gracie’s beauty is evident not only on the outside but also on the inside, as her kind and gentle nature shines through. We can only imagine the joy and happiness she brings to her mum’s life. This TONGUES OUT TUESDAY photo captures Gracie’s playful and spirited personality, showcasing her infectious energy and undeniable charm. We’re thrilled to feature this delightful snapshot and share in the love and adoration for Gracie. Thank you for sharing this special moment with us, and may Gracie continue to keep her mum super busy with all the joy and love she brings. 📸🐶❤️

Happy Doggy News is thrilled to have friends from all over the world, and WEE SNOOP holds a special place among our favourites! This Irish and handsome boy is not only photogenic but also full of charm. We commend Mummy Sandra for capturing this fantastic TONGUES OUT TUESDAY photo, as we know that Wee Snoop prefers to be on the move. It’s no easy feat to capture such a delightful moment with a lively little guy like Wee Snoop! We appreciate Sandra’s dedication and skill in getting this adorable snapshot. Wee Snoop’s playful nature and irresistible tongue-out expression have won our hearts. Keep up the fantastic work, Wee Snoop and Sandra, and keep bringing smiles to dog lovers everywhere! 📸🐶❤️

Stop the presses! Get ready to be overwhelmed by cuteness! Allow us to introduce Louise’s adorable puppy, who has already mastered the art of posing for a fantastic TONGUES OUT TUESDAY photo. We can’t help but be in awe of this little bundle of joy and their fabulous tongue-out expression. Louise, your puppy is absolutely fabulous, and we can’t wait to receive regular updates and photos from you. Keep that mummy of yours busy and running around—it’s all part of the joy of being a puppy parent! We’re honored to have the opportunity to feature your precious little one in Happy Doggy News. Keep those adorable moments coming, Louise and puppy! We’re eagerly awaiting more cuteness and heart-melting photos

It’s a joyous occasion here at Happy Doggy News as we introduce the wonderful Bailey to our loyal readers! Many of you may already be familiar with Bailey, who holds a special place in the heart of our very own little guy, Jet, the charming Chihuahua. Jet is irresistibly drawn to Bailey’s beautiful kind soul and her uniquely long tongue. Their love story has blossomed, and we’re excited to announce that they have plans to tie the knot in the near future! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Bailey for gracing us with her lovely TONGUES OUT TUESDAY photo, showcasing her undeniable charm. And here’s the exciting news—every reader will be invited to their wedding! Stay tuned for more details, as we celebrate this heartwarming union. Congratulations to Bailey and Jet on their upcoming nuptials, and may their love story continue to inspire us all. 📸🐶❤️ Save the date, readers, for a wedding to remember!

From day one, LULU has been there for us, supporting us with her gorgeous photos and cheeky personality. We appreciate the love and joy she brings to our community. Behind the scenes, Lulu’s lovely mum, Karen, has provided us with emotional support, and we’re grateful for her presence. Lulu, you truly know how to capture our hearts with your fabulous photos, and this one for TONGUES OUT TUESDAY is no exception. Your playful and charismatic nature shines through, bringing smiles to our faces. Thank you, Lulu and Karen, for being a part of the Happy Doggy News family. Your support and friendship mean the world to us. Keep those amazing photos coming, and we’ll continue to celebrate your adorable moments with open arms. 📸🐶❤️

Shhh! Let’s all tiptoe quietly as we admire the adorable sleeping pose of Rebecca’s doggy. This photo has us at Happy Doggy News bursting into fits of giggles! Oh my goodness, it’s truly a brilliant and feel-good capture that has brightened our day. We can’t help but revisit this precious moment multiple times, as it fills our hearts with warmth and joy. Rebecca, we extend our heartfelt thanks to you for sharing this delightful TONGUES OUT TUESDAY photo with us. It’s a true gem that brings smiles and laughter to all who see it. We appreciate your contribution to the Happy Doggy News community and look forward to more memorable moments from you and your furry friend. Keep those adorable photos coming, Rebecca! 📸🐶❤️

Let’s give a warm round of applause to our petite and beautiful friend, WILLOW! Despite her busy schedule, Willow made time for a special Monday morning photo, knowing it would be perfect for our TONGUES OUT TUESDAY post. We’re grateful to Willow for taking a moment out of her day to strike a pose, and we extend our thanks to her talented mum, Vonla, for capturing this adorable moment. Willow’s charming tongue-out expression showcases her playful and lovable personality, leaving us all smitten. Your participation and support mean the world to us, Willow, and we’re thrilled to have your delightful photo as part of Happy Doggy News. Keep shining bright and spreading joy with your irresistible cuteness! 📸🐶❤️

NATASHA, you are one happy girl, and it shines through in your lovely photo! It’s evident that you live a truly wonderful life filled with joy and love. We’re delighted that you noticed our search for photos for the TONGUES OUT TUESDAY post while peeking over your hooman Mum Julie’s shoulder. Kudos to Mum Julie for capturing this fantastic shot, and a special round of applause to you, Natasha, for showcasing your brilliant IT skills in sending it to us. We absolutely adore this photo! Your infectious happiness and adorable tongue-out expression have brightened our day. Thank you for sharing this moment with us, and keep spreading your contagious positivity, Natasha! We’re grateful to have you as a part of the Happy Doggy News family.

Brace yourselves for an instant happiness boost because CHARLIE BOY has arrived to brighten your day! With his adorable furry face and that wonderful tongue, he’s here to put a smile on your face. We can’t help but be filled with joy after seeing Charlie Boy’s photo for TONGUES OUT TUESDAY. Thank you, Charlie Boy, for sharing your cuteness with us! We’d also like to send love and appreciation to your lovely Mum, Lesley, for being a caring and dedicated dog parent. Together, you make a perfect duo. Keep spreading happiness and love, Charlie Boy, and know that you’ve made Happy Doggy News even happier today! 📸🐶❤️

This photo was chosen by SUZIE herself. She is a very active and scrumptious doggy and decided this was a photo perfect for TONGUES OUT TUESDAY. It’s clear that someone had the absolute best time ever, and we can’t help but imagine the joy and excitement that led to this muddy adventure. There’s something special about a dog covered in mud, ready to roll around on Mum’s white rug upon returning home. We adore the spirit and playfulness captured in this fabulous photo! Muddy paws and all, it’s a true testament to the joy and happiness that our furry friends bring into our lives. Thank you, Wendy, for sharing this wonderful moment with us. Keep embracing the fun and messy adventures with your amazing doggy companion! 📸🐶❤️

Let’s give a round of applause to BARNABY for his stunning tongue! We’re delighted to hear that he was excited about another TONGUES OUT TUESDAY post at Happy Doggy News, as it’s clearly his area of expertise. Barnaby’s love for Disney and his talent for hanging out that lovely tongue while enjoying some TV time is absolutely charming. His unique personality shines through, and we can’t help but smile at his adorable photo. Thank you, Barnaby, for sharing your remarkable tongue and bringing joy to our TONGUES OUT TUESDAY celebration. Keep being your fabulous and tongue-tastic self, and continue enjoying those magical moments with Disney! 📸🐶❤️

SAMMY is absolutely lovable! Oh my goodness, that furry face is just brimming with intelligence and knowledge. Sammy, you’ve captured our hearts with this gorgeous photo, which is absolutely perfect for this post. We can’t resist giving boops to that cute nose of yours! Your winning expression speaks volumes, and it’s clear that you’re not only incredibly adorable but also a furry companion full of charm. Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo with us, Sammy. We love you and appreciate your presence in the Happy Doggy News community! Keep shining bright, you adorable bundle of joy! 📸🐶❤️

BOBBY, ERICA, and MIYA, you three are an absolutely stunning trio! This breathtaking photo of all of you with your fabulous tongues out is truly a treasure. It’s clear that you have a special bond and radiate so much love and joy together. We’re thrilled that your hoomans captured this perfect moment and shared it with us. You truly are the three amigos, and we can’t wait to receive more of your amazing photos. Thank you for being such wonderful models and bringing smiles to our faces. Keep shining brightly, Bobby, Erica, and Miya, and continue sharing your beautiful moments with us! 📸🐶❤️

SCRUFF, you are an absolute sweetheart! We can’t help but giggle at this adorable photo captured by your mum, Joanne, right after you were woken up. Your sassy tongue and that mischievous expression on your face say it all! We hope you had some lovely doggy dreams and managed to sneak back for a few more before starting your day. Your playful and charming personality shines through, and we’re so grateful for this delightful glimpse into your world. Thank you, Scruff, for being an adorable bundle of joy and sharing your wonderful photo with us. Keep being your fabulous self, and may your days be filled with plenty of doggy dreams and happiness! 📸🐶❤️

BITZ, you are one busy and gorgeous doggo! We’re delighted to hear that even amidst your beach adventures, you took the time to have your hooman capture this fantastic photo for our TONGUES OUT TUESDAY post. The result is absolutely stunning! Your charismatic pose showcases your charm and confidence. We appreciate you sharing this special moment with us, and we’re grateful for your dedication and enthusiasm. Keep enjoying your beach outings and embracing all the fun and joy that life has to offer. Thank you, Bitz, for being such a wonderful part of the Happy Doggy News community. You rock, beach-loving buddy! 📸🐶❤️

MATO, you sure know how to have a fun day out with your lovely mum, Susan! Your mischievous side shines through in this fantastic photo, making it the perfect addition to our TONGUES OUT TUESDAY post. We can only imagine what other shenanigans and adventures you got up to during your exciting day. Your playful spirit brings so much joy, and we’re grateful that you shared this delightful moment with us. Keep spreading your infectious energy, Mato, and continue enjoying life to the fullest alongside your wonderful mum. Thank you for being such a charismatic and lovable companion! 📸🐶❤️

MARLEY holds a special place in our hearts, and even though he’s enjoying new adventures over the Rainbow Bridge, his memory and spirit live on. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Marley’s mum, Jill, for sharing her best photos, many of which capture Marley’s fabulous tongue out moments. We understand that the loss of a beloved furry friend is never easy, and we want you to know that we are here for you, Jill. We cherish the memories of Marley and the joy he brought into your life. If you’d like, please feel free to share Marley’s story with us here at Happy Doggy News so that we may remember and celebrate his beautiful life together. Our thoughts are with you, Jill, and we thank you for honoUring Marley’s memory with this wonderful TONGUES OUT TUESDAY photo. 📸🐶❤️ can check MARLEY’S story out here…….

CHESTER, you are an absolute stunner whether you’re awake or fast asleep! Your photos never fail to bring us immense joy, and this one is no exception. It’s perfect for our TONGUES OUT TUESDAY theme, capturing your adorable tongue and that blissful smile while you’re enjoying sweet dreams. Your happiness shines through, and we’re grateful to be able to share these precious moments with you. Keep sending us your lovely photos, Chester, as they never fail to brighten our day and put a smile on our faces. Thank you for being such a gorgeous and charming boy! 📸🐶❤️

It’s a pleasure to receive delightful photos like the one Rachel sent us. We can’t help but feel the love and joy radiating from this adorable doggy. That lovely tongue just adds an extra touch of charm! Seeing happy dogs and sharing their happiness with our readers brings us immense joy as well. We’re grateful for the opportunity to connect with dog lovers like you and celebrate the beauty and happiness that our furry friends bring into our lives. Thank you for your support and for being a part of the Happy Doggy News community! 📸🐶❤️

HARVEY, you’ve certainly made our day brighter with your fantastic photo! Your recommendation of having a personal pool on a hot day sounds absolutely delightful. We can only imagine the joy and relaxation it brings, especially with some extra special tummy rubs from your mum. Your enthusiasm and tongue-out pose in this TONGUES OUT TUESDAY photo capture the essence of pure happiness. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment with us at Happy Doggy News. Keep enjoying those refreshing pool days, Harvey, and keep spreading joy with your contagious smile! 📸🐶❤️

MERLIN, you little mischief-maker, you have certainly worked your magic and captured the hearts of Karen and Mick. It’s no surprise that you became a “foster fail” and found your forever home in their loving arms. Karen and Mick’s dedication to fostering dogs is truly admirable, and it’s heartwarming to see the joy and love they bring to these furry friends.

Your cheeky personality shines through in this photo, and we can’t help but smile at your playful expression. Thank you for sharing this adorable moment with us at Happy Doggy News. It’s dogs like you, Merlin, who remind us of the incredible bonds we can form with our furry companions. Wishing you many more happy and mischievous adventures with your forever family! 📸🐶❤️

Oh, GIZMO, you little rascal! It’s wonderful that you have such a mischievous nature and the way you love to playfully stick your tongue out at your siblings. Your adorable antics and years of support for Happy Doggy News bring so much joy to us and our loyal readers.

Your sibling bond with Merlin is heartwarming, and we’re grateful to have been a part of your journey through your lovely photos. Your loyalty and playful spirit shine through, and we can’t help but smile at your adorable face.

Thank you, Gizmo, for being a cherished member of the Happy Doggy News community. We appreciate the happiness and laughter you bring to our lives and look forward to many more delightful moments with you. Keep being your cheeky and lovable self, Gizmo! 📸🐾❤️


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