Dogs are now employed as Palace Guards for Trooping The Colour!

Happy Doggy News is thrilled to celebrate Trooping The Colour in the most paw-some way possible!

We decided to reach out to the palace with an extraordinary proposition: why not employ dogs as guards alongside their human counterparts?

To our surprise, they wrote back with a resounding yes!

Our courageous dog readers were sent on a mission to the palace to investigate what this new job entailed.

Now, we must admit, some of our dogs are on the smaller side, so you might have to put your detective hats on and find them in the work experience photo.

Who knows, they might just be the key to ensuring the safety of the crown jewels!

Oh my goodness! We’ve had some serious giggles creating these hilarious pictures!

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS never chooses photos, we use the photos we are sent first – we couldn’t chose the photos, it would be impossible!

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Love and Woofs!

Alison and JET the creative director of HAPPY DOGGY NEWS!

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