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A smile holds a power beyond measure, capable of transforming lives and spreading positivity in its wake. It is a universal language that transcends barriers, reaching the depths of our hearts. Just as a human smile can brighten someone’s day, the smiles of our beloved dogs have a profound impact on our lives. Their wagging tails and gleaming eyes express a joy that is infectious, lifting our spirits and melting away our worries. A dog’s smile reminds us to find joy in the simplest of things, to live in the present moment, and to appreciate the beauty of life. Their unconditional love and radiant smiles make our world more wonderful, reminding us of the transformative power a simple smile holds.

A few of HAPPY DOGGY NEWS’ most valued doggy reader’s wanted to share their own wonderful smiley photos and hope they make your day that little big more positive, joyful and smiley!

Come on, this gif must have made you smile!

Thank you to BRUISER and GNASHER for borrowing their mum’s laptop and sending in your very smiley lovely photo!




BASIL is a charmer and who wouldn’t want to be around this gorgeous boy 24/7 when he has a smile as beautiful as this! Thank you for sharing your smile and making us feel so happy BASIL!

EVO thought we would love his positive and gorgeous smiley photo and he was right! This is fabulous EVO. We believe you are so happy in this photo as you are out and about with your Daddy. What a lucky boy with such a fabulous life. Thank you for making us happy in return!

ANNA’S gorgeous doggy is setting a positive example of happiness! This is a smile you could never muster up unless you were super happy and we are in love with this photo! On Daddy’s lap is why this is such a happy, smiley photo… lol…… Thank you guys for making us smile in return!

PICKLES THE PUG is always positive and writes a fabulous Facebook page (check it out, with same name as above!). With a professional attitude at all times, PICKLES has offered a happiness course for any doggy needing that extra help with their smiles. Thank you for making us all smiley outside and inside PICKLES!

LULU has the cutest smiley eyes and offers to look at anyone who is feeling a little down with these big smiley doe eyes. Here she demonstrates how to do this if any other doggy out there wanted to know. LULU we are extra happy and have more smiles to offer after seeing you darling!

Please meet HAPPY BOY! You can see why he has this well suited title. What a happy boy you are sweetie pie. A lover of life, he is there for any human who needs a smile to make their day nicer. He said he is happy to smile for free any time of the day but just leave him to snooze after 7 in the evening! Wow, this is such a lovely offer HAPPY BOY and you certainly have us smiling!

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS is asked daily how to get their gorgeous doggy photo published. We never chose the ‘best’ or ‘most newspaper worthy’ photos as we think every photo and every doggy is super beautiful! We just couldn’t bear to choose! So we publish on a first come, first served basis…… so you need to be subscribed, which is totally FREE to see our publications and photos asks as soon as they come out…..

Anyone who is lucky enough to be around handsome boy PLUTO will be smiling. He smiles in the day time and smiles when he is asleep. Only five weeks ago he was travelling to be rescued by his lovely family in the U.K. He is a great advocator for the smile and we just love those little teefs he keeps squeaky clean. Making the World a better place to be, thank you so much PLUTO. We are so smiley ourselves now!

Now let us introduce you to our friend BAILEY if you haven’t met her before! She is one of the admins for one of our HAPPY DOGGY NEWS pages. Not only that, she is getting married to our own dog JET. JET loves her as she is so so smiley and makes her family and everyone she meets happier. Spreading her smiles and a few little woofs. BAILEY you know we can’t wait for your to be our smiley daughter-in-law. We are smiley now of course!


MR. STEVIE has a totally infectious smile. It could actually lead the whole World to smile! With a button nose and toofy smile, he makes everywhere he goes a better place to be! People stop and smile back when they stop at traffic lights in their cars as he has his elevated little seat in his own car which is built especially to be able to share his smiles! We are very big smiles now MR. STEVIE!

OLIVE is showing off her perfect gnashers and making everyone around her smile! This is a seriously cute smile you have there OLIVE and we are so happy that you are happy to share it! What a pleasure to have this girl around with such a positive attitude and feisty spirit. We know you are spreading the smiles each time you go out for your walkies! You have made us smile OLIVE and for that we thank you darling!

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS was so happy to open up NATASHA’S photo, we instantly felt happy and are totally in love with this big natural smile of her’s! Her beautiful eyes match and have sweet smiles beaming out for extra sharing of love and happiness! Keep sending us your smiley photos NATASHA as they are having an amazing effect on us!

FREDA is a lover not a fighter! She told us that smiling comes naturally to her as she has the best life and is loved by smiley humans. She would like to show us how best to smile to get whatever you want from your human, she said it works every time without fail! Great tip for the doggies out there FREDA! Thank you so much for creating smiles on our own faces at HAPPY DOGGY NEWS!

SHIBA has the best doggy smile and is even able to make feline sister EZEKIEL smile occasionally too! Seriously SHIBA if you can make a cat smile you have the superpowers to make any human smile too! Such a gorgeous photo which has made us very smiley at HAPPY DOGGY NEWS, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts sweetie pie!

BOPPY BOY is such a happy little guy! We are loving his ‘bang on trend’ natural furdo. He was born with the happiest of souls and this shows on the outside as he beams with smiles every day! BOPPY BOY recommends smiling at any opportunity as it will raise doggy endorphins which will make all the humans smile as well! Well this is great advice BOPPY BOY as we are smiling loads this end!

GIZZY WOO WOO is a total inspiration! This beautiful boy is blind but doesn’t let this hold him back in anyway! He told HAPPY DOGGY NEWS it is essential to smile a little extra to spread the smiles. He loves his brother TEDDY WEBSTER and Mum Maureen and is always making them smile. Spreading such positivity, we adore you darling. Thank you for making us smile as well today!

STEPHEN’S DOGGY you are an absolute delight! This cheeky smile could melt any heart and make any face smile in return! What a beautiful gift you have there. We are so happy to know that you share your smiles and love to us humans who really need doggy’s like yourself in this World! This smile has made us smile and now we are ready to go make others smile!

THOR has the most soulful expression. This look of love has humans smiling wherever he goes! Such a caring boy with a smiley heart, THOR can stop any tears with a hug. Intelligence makes him very socially aware and put this altogether makes him a very positive influence in our World. Thank you THOR and you have probably guessed but we are all smiles now too!

SOPHIA is literally a bundle of Joy! She has perfected the smile and holds training groups to help other doggies learn to smile! She says her work helps not only other dogs to smile but their smiles work just like a domino effect! A professional smiler with the most endearing lopsy ear, we are so lucky to have you in this World SOPHIA. We are seriously all smiles too now!

PIPPA gave HAPPY DOGGY NEWS some brilliant advice. She told us that even if you don’t feel like it, try and smile, it will make you feel better and eventually you will be able to give out the best natural smiles just like she has here in this lovely photo! A lover of life and a giver of love and smiles, we thank you darling girl! Thank you for making us smile here too PIPPA, it was easy after seeing your photo!

HARVEY spreads love wherever he goes! He loves other doggies as well as us humans. He is really an angel in disguise and loves to radiate a beautiful smile at least 200 times a day! He told HAPPY DOGGY NEWS that not only does a smile spread positivity and love but it keeps your facial muscles in great shape if you were wondering how he gets his great handsome looks! We are giggling and smiling now HARVEY!

BUDDY T has recently become a big brother. He has the warmest, smiling eyes which can make any human smile in return. He recommends this particular expression as humans find it adorable – this is so true BUDDY T. He said he hopes you are smiling now after looking at his beautiful furry smile! We most definitely are BUDDY T. and thank you so much for this our lovely friend!

Beautiful brother of BUDDY T (pictured above) is BABY. He said he loves his brother so much and he is teaching him how to smize, which any doggy can master with the right teacher! Keep making everyone happy sweet BABY, we are so happy you have the best family. We are cooing and smiling having seen you today!

ARCHIE is sending smiles from West Yorkshire to all the doggies and humans all over the World. He is convinced that smiling is the way forward to a happy healthy life. ARCHIE knows that his smile is totally beautiful as a lot of people tell him so! Just walking through the park, he leaves waves of happiness and positivity! We are feeling so happy now ARCHIE, thank you handsome boy!

GRACIE over the years has perfected the smile! She often sends HAPPY DOGGY NEWS her smiley photos to make us happy. We wait each day to see her sweet happy face. She adores her mum Margaret and advises to always be kind, smiley and positive. She is a city doggy and has a lot of humans to smile at – this comes naturally to this sweet girl! Thank you GRACIE for making us smile and for all the humans you make happy!

AILA is able to smile and be super cheeky at the same time. Together this creates an aura of positivity which never fails to make any human she sees smiley too! She recommends smiling with your eyes too as this creates an extra feeling of happiness which in turn wears off on passers by when on your walkies! Top tip AILA. Thank you so much beautiful one, we are smiley after seeing you today!

Some people ask MYLO what he is taking as they want some too!!!! He tells them, he is just happy on life and that smiling helps everyone. It’s a gift he loves to freely give out everyday and says that you need to try it before you knock it and he guarantees it will work wonders on all humans and doggies too! Oh we are all smiles now MYLO!

TUFFY is a gem! Smiling is default mode and has such a positive effect on other humans and doggies and even some other animals! We love seeing TUFFY out on journeys and wearing some highly fashionable head wear. A lovely friend of HAPPY DOGGY NEWS and TUFFY you make us smile with each photo we see of you darling! You have certainly made us smile today!

DOZER really doesn’t even need to smile to spread love and happiness, he is essentially a walking love bug! However his smiles as you can see by his photo are super infectious and we are always so happy to see him! Keep being wonderful sweet boy, us humans are so lucky to have you in the World! We are super smiley now at HAPPY DOGGY NEWS!

SAINT loves a little footy in the garden, the park, anywhere really. SAINT told HAPPY DOGGY NEWS that a smile is all you need, your humans will get you what you want and tell you how gorgeous you are! Win win chicken dinner! The talk of chicken dinner’s makes this gorgeous one all smiley to! We are all smiles too SAINT after seeing your lovely photo!


If you want to crack a smile, get a dog, They’ll have you laughing like a crazed comedy blog. With goofy expressions and antics galore, They’ll leave you rolling on the floor.

They’ll steal your socks and run away, Leaving you in a hilarious disarray. Their zoomies and jumps, a sight to behold, You’ll find yourself in a fit, uncontrollably bold.

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