We met lovely Bethany when we wrote a little remembering story for her beloved Jay. She has recently adopted a gorgeous boy who has had a terrible start to life but is now in the best of hands and with the kindest of hearts. We will be following his happy new life in chapters.

Bethany has adopted the gorgeous Pluto, who has become an inspiration to us all. His story is a powerful reminder that we are not defined by our pasts. At just 2 years old, Pluto has endured a difficult life as a street dog, facing abuse, and even the brink of death. However, he was fortunate to be rescued, rehabilitated, and given the chance for a new beginning through adoption.

Pluto had to travel to the U.K. from Romania and this is the photo of him mid travel….. at this point in time, he had no idea how wonderful his life was going to get!

Travelling from

Bethany and family crossed paths with Pluto, and it was love at first sight!

This sweet and loving boy captured Bethany and family’s hearts instantly. It was the photo above on the left that melted their hearts and we can see why!

Despite the hardships he has faced, Pluto remains remarkably trusting and holds an unwavering happiness when meeting new people. He finds joy in playing, sunbathing, and going for walks, embracing every moment with enthusiasm. Way to go gorgeous PLUTO!


Pluto’s loyalty is unmatched; ‘he sticks to us like Velcro’ Bethany told HAPPY DOGGY NEWS. Preferring our company over being alone. His mischievous side comes out when he gets his paws on boxes, gleefully ripping them apart as they open parcels or break them down. He even lends a helping paw in the kitchen and during chores, making him the best dog they have ever had the pleasure of owning. It’s truly remarkable how much love and joy Pluto has brought to Bethany and her family’s lives, and it’s only been five weeks since he became a part of their family.

We just fell in love with that smile! Despite the horrible abuse he’s been through and the scars said abuse has left him with. He never stops smiling!


The amazing charity who rescued PLUTO can be found here……

Bethany speaks of the charity highly…..

They’re amazing! We spoke to a lady called Julie. She talked us through the whole process and what to expect. They give you a ton of advice on settling your dog in etc and we can catch up with her whenever we need. – BETHANY

Bethany will keep HAPPY DOGGY NEWS updated with PLUTO’S life and we really look forward to seeing what this gorgeous boy get’s up to next!

We are so very happy for you PLUTO, you have found yourself the loveliest family!

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You can read Bethany’s doggy’s tribute story. It is for the beautiful soul JAY……

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