ENTER BELLA, HOPE AND COCO – Angels disguised in furry coats

In the chaotic tapestry of life, we often find ourselves tangled in the threads of emotional turmoil, facing relentless stress and draining commitments that seem to consume every ounce of our energy. But amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerges in the form of our faithful canine companions. Dogs, with their unwavering love and unwritten understanding, become our life-changing strategy.

This is the story of three beautiful furry doggies whose presence became a beacon of light! These angels in fur coats brought a sense of calm and solace to their humans’ lives, Heather and family, transforming their days from shadows of exhaustion to moments of pure joy.

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS would like to thank the love of BELLA, HOPE and COCO!

These are Heathers own words…….

Well let’s start at the beginning I gave up work to care for my parents about 6yrs ago first only my mum then my dad took bad during covid with skin cancer on his head he had it removed but they had to dig a huge whole out of his skull so I had to really step up my care for both of them during this period we had to bubble up as they both needed 24hr care so between my brother and I we provided that.

This was  the beginning of dad’s many hospital visits long story short things got better for awhile then we came through all the lock downs and then dad suddenly took a turn for the worse he reacted badly to the chemotherapy tablets also got a bad water infection and was hospitalised for a good month or two he was having hallucinations he became very violent it was a very awful period for us all as a family so we prepared ourselves for the worst. Dad hit rock bottom and then all of a sudden day by day he started to slowly pick up we were given a potential date for him to come home as long as I learned how to catheterise him and keep it changed and clean we were of course relived to be getting him home so I stepped up learned everyday necessary to get him home we got a hospital bed in place and everything that was needed for him. We had a date in place we told dad and what a turn around he started to get stronger and stronger eager to come home. What’s more we had a holiday planned and he was adamant he was going no nurse or doctor would stop him from the day we got him home we had 2 weeks to get him holiday ready and we accomplished it against nurses and doctors wishes we took him away to Bournemouth for a week.

But just before we went away my brother and I felt really down we’d been handed a heavy deal we were now caring for dad night and day for all his ailments and mum who had osteoporosis and mixed alzheimers dementia so life was hard we felt we had no life and I was terrified to leave the house in case mum or dad fell or took bad so we decided that we had to do something about it for our health and state of mind.

Enter Bella Hope and Coco!!!

My dad decided that it was time we had a dog back in our lives so he and mum bought me my brother and sister a puppy each. So we collected them on our way home from the holiday 3 sisters cocker spaniel hope to the left coco in the middle and Bella to the right.

We waited for there second jabs eagerly to start walking and training life had more purpose and structure again and the longer we had them the more dad got stronger he started to walk hhe then climbed the stairs and we eventually got dad out of his hospital bed for good and back into his marital bed to the surprise of all the nurses and doctors involved and all was well until late January and my brother my dad and myself contracted covid and sadly dad passed away in hospital beginning of February Hope missed him badly as did we all. But we had to carry on mum still needed us if not more than ever as due to her illness she can’t express her emotions sadly.

I think dogs are amazing!!! We started to get into a routine Bella lives with me my husband and my boys Hope lived in with mum and my brother. Every morning I would get up and head to mums get the boys to school and then are day would begin we would get mum up and dressed the girls would always jump straight up onto my mums bed and check she was OK give her cuddles and kisses then I was allowed to get her out of bed and dressed.

The girls continue to grow and love every minute they spend close to mum. I then heard of a macmillan dog walk to raise money and awareness for cancer Bella and I took part.

Since then the girls have been very protective of Mum.

To this day they are still very protective over mum extremely gentle and loving with her. Every day starts the same the girls must get there cuddles and check mum is OK before I can get her up. The girls were the best thing we ever could dream of they have carried us through some majorly tough times and are our constant companions and there love carries us through every day.

Wow! This truly is a story of how dogs can change the story, of how they can change the path to guide us on a far better journey. Heather you yourself are an angel and we send you so much love and hugs. Thank you for your story, your intimate daily mountains you have had to climb, showing the World how we already have our angels here with us on this Earth!

Sending love to you gorgeous Mum who is obviously totally loved and adored!

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