HAPPY DOGGY NEWS had some wonderful photos sent to us a couple of weeks ago. The doggy who got the most votes was our wonderful friend TED.

TED sadly passed a couple of days ago and has left his owner LAURA broken hearted. We have known TED a while now and you can read how inspirational stories we have published about our therapy doggy friend below.

We are so sad to hear that TED has moved on to his next adventures, he will be truly happy but he has left such a big space in a lot of peoples hearts. He was truly remarkable and we are so proud of his life on this Earth.

The prize could not have gone to a more deserving boy!


Ted the therapy dog, a true four-legged friend,

With a wag of his tail, he brings calm to the end,

His human’s anxiety, he helps to ease,

With his furry presence, worries decrease.

Ted’s style is on point, his fashion game strong,

A dapper doggo, he never gets it wrong,

With his bow tie and fancy coat,

He’s the best dressed dog, without a doubt.

Ted’s journey we followed, with joy in our hearts,

A furry companion that played his part,

In making us smile and reminding us all,

That the love of a dog can help us stand tall.

Ted, you are a treasure, a furry gem indeed,

Your therapy work, a noble deed,

And now as the winner of our best dressed dog,

You’ve shown us that style can be more than a mere catalog.

We hope to write a REMEMBERING STORY for the wonderful TED. We send his Mum Laura so much love. We thank TED and Laura for their wonderful stories……. TED -the other doggy’s over the RAINBOW BRIDGE must be so happy to have you with them. You are a wise, inspirational boy and we love you darling.

Ted has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, his earthly journey done,

But his legacy lives on, his memory never gone,

For the lives he touched, the hearts he healed,

And the joy he brought, his spirit revealed.

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