DO YOU HAVE A DOG WHO WORKS OR CARES FOR PEOPLE – we would love to write about them!

JET the admin Chihuahua and Alison his human hope this message finds you and your furry companion well! We wanted to reach out to you because we are the editors of HAPPY DOGGY NEWS, a platform that has been sharing stories about amazing dogs for over two years now.

We are always on the lookout for new and inspiring dog stories to feature on our website, and we thought you might have a great one to share about your working dog! Whether your dog is a search and rescue dog, a police K9, a therapy dog, or anything in between, we would love to hear about their work and the impact they have had on your life.

If you’re interested in sharing your dog’s story with us, please feel free to reply to this message using the little form below.

Even if you do not have a story yourself, you may know someone who is interested. You can share to your own Facebook page or other social media using the icons below. For this we truly thank you for your love and support!

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