HAPPY DOGGY NEWS is today Remembering the totally cute and big hearted boy GUINNESS.

Oh GUINNESS, our hearts are melting looking through your beautiful photo’s.

This is such a lovely story of a puppy who was loved from the day he was adopted and continued to be loved for his whole life. His origins were dubious and GUINNESS may have come from a puppy farm, he had had no injections, both of his ears were infected and he was a little smelly too. So, maybe not loved initially but it didn’t take long before Lucie his Mum showed him how wonderful life can be.

This made us laugh…….. We asked Lucie how she had chosen GUINNESS from the litter – not always an easy job as quite often there are too many doe eyed furry faces staring at us!

Well, her Mum had just welcomed a gorgeous male Bichon Frise called OBIE into her home. Lucie knew that whatever puppy she chose would be spending a lot of time with her Mum’s new furry family member. It crossed Lucie’s mind that if she too chose a boy, there would be no accidents – there being only a month between them in age !!!!!!!!! We are still giggling at this…….

Lucie told us ……. ‘He let me bath him on his first full day with us without protest, and was as good as gold at the vets for his first injection. It took him a few weeks to get some confidence, but once he did, his adorable personality came through quickly!’


GUINNESS embraced life and when he was young and healthy enjoyed many fabulous holidays. He visited Edinburgh, Cornwall, Northumberland, the Peak District, the Scottish Highlands and even Ireland. Wow! A well travelled little guy!

This is a photo that will resonate with all of us!

This is the first trip out for Guinness and Mum when the U.K. came out of it’s first lockdown. The cafe at the National Trust property was closed so a picnic was the order of the day! Such a story to this photo, it’s wonderful!

Loving this photo…….. sometimes you just need a little shade! GUINNESS and partner in crime OBIE.

GUINNESS enjoyed sunbathing and Lucie told us that he would be out there soaking up the rays as soon it was warm enough. He would love to lay in the sunny doorways or venture onto the patio or grass. That’s the life! He was a crafty sun lounger pincher…… as soon as his Mum would leave her lounger to get a drink in the house, this sweet boy would steal her seat. Of course, Lucie would come back to those ‘melt your heart’ doe eyes of him – winning Mum’s heart every time!

Once I had a job where I had to get up really early, and he would look at me as if to say, I’m not getting up yet! – Lucie

Just like a lot of Cavalier’s GUINNESS was a snorer and as he loved his naps more and more as he grew older, there was a lot of snoring in the house…

After a day’s play, GUINNESS having his afternoon naps and snoring just like his Human Dad apparently (thank you Lucie for disclosing this funny information….lol)

As GUINNESS grew into a more mature doggy, he would prefer to stay back when Lucie went on holiday. He loved this probably as much as the holidays he had previously experienced. He totally loved staying with Lucie’s Mum and best mate OBIE. He also loved Lucie’s Mum in law and later in his life he adored his dog sitter Josie.

On the 7th December it was sadly the day GUINNESS needed to go on to his next adventures over the RAINBOW BRIDGE. So very sad for his family but for GUINNESS he is now surrounded by all the other beautiful dogs who have had to leave this Earth to pass on what they have learnt from this life.

Thank you to all the humans who totally loved this lovely boy, we wish every dog had the experiences in life that GUINNESS enjoyed. Such an adored boy!

GUINNESS we know that you are having fun and it has been so amazing to have got to know you. A seriously cute little man who obviously had a wonderful life, a beautiful heart and made his Mum Lucie’s life super enjoyable and fulfilling each day she got to spend with him!

Thank you so much Lucie for allowing us to write for GUINNESS, we send you lots of love and woofs and hope one day another beautiful doggy soul will enter your life!


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