HELPING CATS AND DOGS – food bank to help families to feed their furry family members

HELPING CATS AND DOGS UK are a charity who do so much work for dogs and cats and families in need of help with the costs of looking after their furry family members.

Below you can contact the friendly staff if you can either help, donate or if you are someone in need of help caring for your doggy.

As well as the wonderful human’s who work for this fabulous charity, they too, as we do at HAPPY DOGGY NEWS have dogs who love to work voluntarily.


Rehabilitation and Behaviour Team

CLAIRE is the beautiful Website and Social Media Co-ordinator

Supporting the Local Community
Helping Dogs and Cats UK are a non-profit animal rescue based in Basingstoke and operate in Berkshire, Hampshire, Kent, and Surrey. We rescue dog, cats, and other small animals in need of help. Our work includes rehoming and rehabilitation, veterinary care, microchipping, spaying, and neutering. All the animals that come into our care first go into foster homes for assessment.

With the cost-of-living crisis, the rescue has recently set up food bank for dogs and cats, supporting individuals and families who are struggling to cover the cost looking after their pets in and around Basingstoke. We are lucky to have support from the local community, but we are overwhelmed with requests. We also offer financial support with medical and veterinary treatment to individuals and families as well.

If you or anyone you know needs any help/support, or if would like to donate any food, we welcome items at our community shop at: Hart House, Priestley Rd, Basingstoke RG24 9PU or contact us at 01256 593 373 email or via the website

Even if you cannot help please could you share to your own FACEBOOK PAGE using the link below…….

We thank you so much for YOUR SUPPORT

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