HAPPY DOGGY NEWS came across some really lovely watercolour artwork by luck when parking up to visit the supermarket.

Staring out from the window next to our car was a gorgeous painting of a Hermit Crab – being lovers of the ocean it caught our attention.

We popped in to see the artist and was impressed by the other paintings she had created, a lot were of dogs – at that point we were smitten.

The artist is the very lovely Dawn and she was drawing when we spoke to her.

We asked her to paint our own little guy JET (who most know is the admin Chihuahua for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS).

She came back to us within days and we loved her creation of our special boy.


We were curious about how Dawn had found her passion and she told us………

‘My passion for art started in the summer of 2021. After my now husband proposed that summer my mind became focused on all things weddings.

I started to draw cartoons of little people getting married and this then turned into me drawing wedding dresses. Before this I hadn’t picked up a pencil or brush since I was in school.

I then started experimenting with different mediums but i soon realised my passion lay in watercolours and more specifically fun animal drawings and paintings.

I am an animal lover through and through and I get so much joy from painting so many different kinds. For me it’s always about capturing expression in the animals eyes. I am a fun person and I believe my art is an extension of who I am.

I am fortunate to be able to paint everyday and I love that with each day I learn new techniques.

Ultimately painting is a fun hobby of mine but if I can bring joy and make people smile with my art then that makes it all worthwhile.’

You can find Dawns work at Etsy – it is well worth checking out!

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