Oh my goodness, HAPPY DOGGY NEWS loves a story about a doggy who has been rescued and now leads the best life ever!

We would like to introduce you to the very fabulous girl AMBER.

AMBER started life in Romania and sadly had been abandoned along with her puppy. AMBER’S puppy didn’t survive but AMBER amazingly did.

Nicola had always adored dogs and she had recently moved from her family home leaving her lovely dog with her Mam.

Regular visits to see her dog and Mum were great but it didn’t take Nicola long to realise that a home is not a home without a doggy.

Surfing her Facebook page one day, a totally gorgeous furry face popped up which made Nicola stop and take a longer look. It was a face that spoke to her from the page so to speak! Nicola couldn’t get past the photo and this furry face of course belonged to AMBER.

This adorable photo couldn’t be ignored! The beautiful face of AMBER.

Nicola read about AMBER’S rescue and that she had been saved from abandonment but knew that she would be able to give her the patience and love that she needed.

O.K. so off Nicola goes to meet AMBER, expecting to like her but not quite appreciating the impact, the love she would feel for her as soon as she set eyes on this sweet girl.

She didn’t need to think too hard to know that AMBER was the doggy for her, it was love at first sight.

However, AMBER being a rescue dog needed her future home and human to be thoroughly checked out. Nicola would have to wait for a visit from the Rescue group before being given the go-ahead to be AMBER’S new family.

The brilliant Rescue is called TENDERCARE RESCUE DOGS and you can find their Facebook page here…..(20+) Tendercare Rescue Dogs | Facebook – They are a registered charity (1188296) and animal rescue centre near Durham taking dogs from desperate situations in Romania to rehome them here in the UK.

Nicola told us that she cried after meeting AMBER just in case she wasn’t approved for adoption. She wanted this beautiful girl so much and couldn’t bear the thought of not being her future Mum.

The answer was YES!!!!!!! AMBER was to go and live with Nicola!!!! – Hurray!

This was such great news. Love and patience were now the order of the day to allow AMBER to understand that she could be loved, loved without conditions, just for who she was.

AMBER was really nervous at first, especially around men but at the same time, as soon as she stepped in the house with Nicola she had her first smile, a massive content smile on her gorgeous furry face.

We fast forward to AMBER’S life to date. We asked what this adorable girl loves to do. Nicola told us that she loves to eat and sleep and enjoys all the luxuries of home that she has never experienced before. AMBER you so deserve all of life’s comforts darling!

AMBER is surrounded by love and stimulation because Nicola owns her own business. Luckily for AMBER it is a DOGGY DAY CARE business where she is able to share her life with lots of friends. Although being more alert around the bigger doggies, AMBER adores most of the dogs and especially the little cockapoos.

Please take a peak at the wonderful business Nicolas has by using this link….. (20+) Nikki’s Pet Care | Newcastle upon Tyne | Facebook offering dog walking and doggy daycare based around North Tyn in Newcastle.

We love quirks and AMBER’S cute quirk is that she waves when she is excited when she goes out for walkies or looking forward to her dinner. Oh AMBER this is so cute!

Enjoying each wonderful day, AMBER lives a truly fulfilling life. This year she went on her first holiday to the lakes. She absolutely loved it there. She gets to go to work with Nicola every day too and enjoys all the adventure walks with her doggy friends. Chasing squirrels is also one of her favourite pastimes.

AMBER is such a good girl that she is regularly taken out to dinner with her humans – AMBER loves this! Wow, AMBER you are really mans/woman’s best friend!

‘She has changed my life totally and because of her I am now working my dream job, caring and walking dogs which I would never have done if I didn’t get her! She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us and makes even the dull days amazing!’

Lots of special ‘ME TIME’ for AMBER! – We love this photo of you sweet girl!

Oh AMBER, this is such an uplifting story and we are so so so happy to know you!

Thank you Nicola for introducing us to your very wonderful girl!

Keep enjoying that beautiful life you have dear AMBER!




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    We have fallen in love with you AMBER XXX

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