We write today with so much love for the beautiful boy DARCY. Around a year ago we had the pleasure of writing his Rescue story, such a wonderful privilege to show everyone how his life had totally turned around when he met his new human forever mum Chris. His story can be found here……. you will love it! DARCY’S LOVELY, HAPPY ENDING STORY! – HAPPY DOGGY NEWS

This is to celebrate his beautiful life!

DARCY managed to regain his trust in humans after he was shown unconditional love. He is an inspiration, an incredible example of how dogs are able to move on with their lives given lots of love and patience.

DARCY’S previous Rescue story shows what a brilliant life he led. His was a long life, he found pleasure in each day until the mature age of 17.

DARCY was rescued at six months old. Chris fell in love with him at first sight and the rest is history!

Oh DARCY, your Mum was so blessed to have found you and to have you in her life for so many years!

Not only did DARCY have the unconditional love of Chris, he had a new sibling called ERIC. ERIC took DARCY under his paws and became his life coach! Inseparable, ERIC was a large part of DARCY’S emotional recovery!

Thank you to the beautiful soul ERIC, who taught DARCY that love was here for him!

One of our favourite photos of you DARCY, well actually, we have said that about every one of your photos……..

DARCY passed on May 25th 2022. He has made his way to his next adventures over the beautiful RAINBOW BRIDGE! He has joined his best buddy ERIC and this makes us happy. Together the boys will be sharing their knowledge with the other doggies who have also left this Earth.

It is so very sad when we lose our furry family members. When we love unconditionally, we truly forget they are dogs, we begin to understand that it doesn’t matter what form your soul arrives in on this Earth!

‘As we all know, a house is not a home without a dog!’ – Chris

Chris has a lot of love to give and now has a cheeky little puppy. His name is TEDDY and turned six months old last week.

TEDDY is so much fun! And a lot like DARCY in looks and personality! I still look at pictures of DARCY and cry! Then TEDDY gives me his favourite toy and cheers me up! Dogs are amazing creatures!!!

Chris we thank you for being a beautiful human, for loving the dogs that come into your life! They are blessed to find you!

We wish you lots of love and know you are going to have a busy, fun life with the gorgeous TEDDY!

Your Comments and kind thoughts !

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Your Comments and kind thoughts !

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11 months ago

DARCY was a beautiful fur baby. I’m glad he had a loving human and lived a good life. RIP 🙏🏾❤️

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