REMEMBERING BUDDY – A celebration of his Life!

Today we are Remembering the stunning boy BUDDY who lived a life surrounded by love!

This is such a happy Remembering story, it is a wonderful CELEBRATION of his Life!

Lorna and her family were the lucky ones to have spent time with BUDDY, he was their Angel and the mutual love they shared is beautifully transparent.

BUDDY’s life didn’t begin with his forever family. Lorna and her family rescued this gorgeous boy early in his life at nine months old. They initially found him to be afraid of almost everything and he would run crazy obviously not having been trained in any way.

In the arms of his forever family, BUDDY soon realised that he was going to be loved unconditionally. After being shown patience and a few rules he was able to settle down and allow himself to be a real part of his lovely family.


We had a little chat with Lorna…..

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS – Can you describe gorgeous BUDDY’S character for us?

LORNA – BUDDY was a lazy but hyper doggy, he would sleep all day until he was home alone! Then he was a bad boy! He would take the dog treats, eat them and even knock the bins over! But he looked so innocent when we got back home, we thought it was his brothers who were guilty. BUDDY was always there whenever he smelt food. At Christmas, he would help himself to Disaronno and coke off the table!

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS – Did BUDDY have any furry friends he loved?

LORNA – BUDDY had lots of doggy friends. Starting with JENSON the German Shepherd, his brother, partner in crime, and his forever best friend! Then BRACKON the Border Collie, she was known as BUDDY’S girlfriend – they would always give each other kisses and cuddles! Then ROSIE our pup, she only got to know BUDDY for two months and he wasn’t a fan of hers!

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS – Is there anything that BUDDY did that still makes you laugh today?

LORNA – BUDDY would be Mum’s (Kelly) bodyguard. When she was in her room asleep, BUDDY would go with her and whenever someone came near the bedroom door, he would chase them out barking. This would always make us laugh!

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS – What did BUDDY love to do?

LORNA – BUDDY was a very sociable dog and would love to be around people. Whenever he was out walking or at a Steam Rally or Banger Racing, he would drag whoever was holding the lead toward other people or dogs to say hello. BUDDY’s favourite things to do was to watch the Banger Racing and be around the cars – and walkies! He also loved going to nannies house and running around the big garden with his doggy friends. BUDDY loved to sunbathe too and loved his car rides. But…. his absolute favourite thing to do was to have cuddles with Mum or Hide Dad’s Crocs!

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS – Did BUDDY have any quirky behaviours?

LORNA – BUDDY had many quirky behaviours. He would take 6 eggs upstairs with him, ripping up the packaging but not breaking even one egg! And somehow changing gears in a car!

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS – (Wow BUDDY, you so loved your cars, it’s so fascinating!)

We adore this photo! BUDDY here is checking out one of the cars at the Banger Racing. A big fan of racing, he loved to inspect the vehicles competing!

Take a look at this wonderful slideshow. BUDDY was surrounded by love from his furry friends and family too! Such a good heart with acceptance of all other doggies and people. JENSON is the mixed breed doggy. BUSTER is the Border Collie and a couple of years later Lorna and her family rescued BRACKEN the Border Collie!

Beautiful, content BUDDY enjoying his best life!

Friends having a day out and discussing the best way to round up the sheep!

We loved hearing about BUDDY on the bridge. Lorna told us – ‘Buddy had his own bridge where we would walk so he could watch the cars go by. He would stand on his back legs looking over the bridge. Cars would beep at him which would make his day and he would get very excited!’

BUDDY did love one kitty in particular – his best friend SIDNEY! BUDDY loved his feline brother and often gave him Fatherly cuddles!

BUDDY was the most affectionate, loving, fun, cuddly dog we have ever had! He had a massive impact on everyone’s life and everyone loved him to pieces. WE MISS YOU BUDDY!

BUDDY, you were here as an Angel in disguise! Your love had so much impact on so many lives and we are so honoured to have been asked to write your Remembering story. Thank you Lorna for introducing us to your beautiful boy and talking to us.

BUDDY will be sharing his huge heart with all the other doggy’s who he has now met over the wonderful Rainbow Bridge. He will be the doggy all other doggies go to for a big hug!

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Lesley Sutton
Lesley Sutton
10 months ago

Bless him .What ahansome boy he was. Hope he meets my Lally who crossed the bridge 3 weeks ago. She will be a bit lost too so hope they can guide each other and help Cody my friend Jo’s blind pointer who crossex last night xxx❤💙💙

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