Today we are Remembering gorgeous boy LEO.

As soon as Happy Doggy News saw his photo we smiled and couldn’t take our eyes off this very intelligent-looking chap.

We spoke with his Mum Wendy and she told us a little about him.

LEO was so lucky in his life, he was loved from the moment his Mum saw him as a puppy and continued to be loved each and every single day after!

Staring at the litter, it was obvious to Wendy that this little boy was the puppy for her. Staring back at her was this little guy with the most soulful eyes. Wendy was able to adopt LEO when he was 7 weeks old – he would enjoy almost 8 years surrounded by love and having fabulous adventures!

Some puppies take a while to settle but LEO knew he had found the right home and settled in immediately. He would be the only doggy in the home and so had all the love and attention (at first that was!)

This gorgeous boy was here in this life to play, play, play and love! Wendy told us that his character was fantastic, he was very obedient, loving, and very funny. All the qualities in our furry family members we adore – we would love to have met you LEO.

LEO we are sure everyone who met you fell in love with you!

Being a very daft and funny boy he naturally attracted affection from everyone. Funny was his superpower!

Wendy over time realised that LEO would probably enjoy a sibling, he would no doubt be kind to another doggy and this would enrich his life. Along came LEONA a little Shihtzu who instantly bonded with loving LEO. LEO of course accepted the lovely LEONA with open paws!

LEO and LEONA became inseparable!

Looking super handsome in this photo. LEO didn’t mind popping along to the groomers for a little pampering – that was until the dryer was turned on! At this point, he would advise his Mum he had had enough! Lol!

A furry face to melt hearts!

We are so happy to hear that LEO enjoyed everything in life (apart from the dryer at the groomer of course!) He totally loved jumping around in the snow, his walks, sunbathing, and his friends and he very much loved food!

He’s badly missed now and the house is not the same! But he’s close, buried out the back beside his favourite tree he used to pee on from a pup! LEO brought so much love and laughter to the house and everyone in it! – Wendy

Thank you, LEO for being such a wonderful boy in this life, for sharing your beautiful heart and enriching the lives of all around you.

Keep sharing your love with all the other doggy’s who have left this Earth for their new adventures over the Rainbow Bridge!

Thank you so much Wendy for sharing your story with HAPPY DOGGY NEWS, it is a privilege to have got to know LEO a little bit!

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ALISON AND JET (admin Chihuahua for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS!)

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8 days ago

Leo was a gorgeous looking boy …sent by marilyn griffiths ❤

Chelsea Meade
Chelsea Meade
8 days ago

Aww fly high gorgeous baby ❤❤❤

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