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Stunning beach loving doggy. Thank you Tim..... so uplifting!
Boops to that cute little nose.... Welcome sweetie. Thank you Deanne!
Someone had a brilliant Halloween, oh my goodness, hilarious.. Thank you Kira!
Lost in beautiful doggy dreams. Thank you Virginia.... dreamy and cute photo!
Oh just sooooooooooo cute.. Thank you Richard for your wonderful photo!
Such a great setting for a photo.... Dink thank you so much, we love your doggy!
Oh Fiona, another sweet doggy, thank you so very much!
Move over for cuddles gorgeous!
Cutie pie...... love all photos Fiona xx
So Soulful!
Love and thanks Fiona for your three beautiful photos...... love these.. xxx
Luis so happy you sent us your doggy photo.... so much love here, beautiful dog!
Loving this outdoors photo of your totally gorgeous doggy. Thank you Grant.
Thank you for your doggy photo Baz....... super cool and cute doggy!
Mr. Brinkley says Hi to all HAPPY DOGGY NEWS friends. Hi scrumptious boy!
Honey darling you are super cool and bang on trend. Fabulous!
Diddy we are so happy to meet you....... Such a little fabulous cutie pie!
Lilly is here to make your day extra special.. thank you sweetie, love to you!
Thank you so much Bingo for your uber cute photo of yourself and monkey... adorable!
Beautiful photo of the 3 amigos. Sweep and Minnie are having adventures over the beautiful Rainbow Bridge and Honey is loving life with humans.
Maisie you are a cute beautiful little girl......... big hugs to you!
Introducing the very handsome Billy Boy! You are a handsome dude B.B.
On their adventures over the Rainbow Bridge. We are in love with both Mum Jazz and daughter Holly. Beautiful girls!
Yeah, It's Charlie! You are looking so well and fabulously gorgeous boy!
Super cute Rosie is only 9 months old........ we welcome you darling girl.
Noelle this is a darling photo of you.... we are soooo happy to see you!
Oh Zidan you are looking soooo fabulous darling.. Love from the U.K.
Cheeky boy Matias sending you all love from sunny Mexico...... oooh it's cold here in U.K. Matias.
Stunning Rigo has sent us wonderful photo for November Doggy's... thank you!
Kimber is so happy as you can see with forever family. Beautiful photo Kimber.
Tommy and Billy are our handsome friends from wonderful Newcastle.
Delila this is such an adorable photo of you for our November Doggy's .. thank you!
Shhhhhhhh our friend Alaska is having 40 winks....... love this!
Charlie we are so happy you are one of our November doggy's....... love to you!
Move over Tobby, we are coming over for hugs with you.
Wonderful Dougal loves his chill out time! Brilliant photo of you Dougal.
Our friend Luke. We are so excited to see you darling boy.
Beautiful Rosie, we are so happy to meet you. Boops to your cute little nose.
Oh Molly you are looking amazing in your necklace. 'Bang on trend' sweetie.
Junior, Mindy and Tyson so great to see you lovely Amigos. Sending hugs to MEXICO from the U.K.
Billy and Tommy, you guys are so cheeky. Your little faces are heart melting.
So lovely to see our gorgeous friend Pippin this week.. Hi Pippin.
Well hello Blu, so lovely to meet you. Looking great darling.
Theo has contacted us at Happy Doggy News to let us know he missed us whilst we took our break. We missed you too Theo!
MYLO being a fabulous model at his human sisters photography workshop. If you see this guys, we would love to showcase some of your photos.... no charge....
Fabulous photo of Missy, Ashy, Poppy and Tia.. thank you guys!
Please welcome the very beautiful girl Bella.
Jake advises all doggies to take 40 winks at least five times a day - great advice Jake.
Jesse would love to show you wonderful new kennel...... Hey Jesse!
Sizzles we love your name and you are soooooooo cute.
Please meet wonderful puppy Perri. Loving life and full of energy.
Garni has a zest for life and we are honoured to have received fabulous photo.
Please meet the very clever and cutie pie Molly. Hey sweetie!
Oh Arthur we are so happy you sent us your photo today. In love!
Lex having snuggles with his puppy Junior. Family love - so sweet.
Daisy 4 and Lilly 3 are here to make your day a little more lovelier.
Shhhhhh don't wake Penny.. Enjoying her well deserved beauty sleep.
Jumbo you are seriously cool and we are in love with your photo.
Boris and Tilly (his play date) chilling after doing lots of playing and zoomies.
Suzy you look amazing darling. 17 years old and totally A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.
Beautiful Dex left this World for his new adventures over the Rainbow Bridge just this August. We send you love Dex.
Otis we are so happy to meet you! Thank you for such a lovely photo.
Gorgeous boy Gus is blind but embraces life to the full - wonderful Gus.
We want to wish fabulous PUGSY happy birthday this month. Celebrating 8 years young!
Little Britches is enjoying new adventures over the Rainbow Bridge. You are beautiful darling.
Meet handsome Rescue Boy Kano. Soooooo lovely.
Dolly and Ruby here to melt your hearts.
Squeak is around 13/14 years old. Blind with an amazing zest for life. Go Squeak, you are fabulous.
Oh my! Meet Wrex with his feline brother Pumpkin. Adorable.
Lucy Lou is almost 4. Oh our darling, have a wonderful Birthday.
Sending so much love to our friend Blusito. We love you!
Oooohhh what a cheeky gorgeous face. Thank you Kevin.
Happy Doggy News' lovely friends. Hey Gizzy Woo Woo, Hey Teddy Webster. love you.
Shhhhhhhh don't wake Dash, he's taken over the whole bed and does not want to move! lol
Take my paw and I'll take care of you. Lynn this is so lovely.
Taking a little me time out of this busy world. Great thank you David.
Don't forget about me Dad! Love this thank you Darryl.
Under the duvet with your bestie. Sooooo sweet. Thank you Jo.
Anthony we love your doggy. 'Fun at the beach'. ' Sandy paws!'
Daisy is full of energy and love.... beautiful girl.
Very contented doggy's.. thank you so much Jacqueline.
Doogie loves a little luxury and this starts from the bedroom.
Flo striking a pose. Model material darling girl.
Bertie loves his dinosaur. So so cute.
Bruno and Denzil, you have made us smile today. Thank you guys.
Sonny you are looking fabulous darling. A brilliant 11 years young.
Your doggy is sooooo cute Kath. Thank you so much.
Beautiful Skye just waiting for her meal to be served... Hey Skye.
Bella showing off her teefies.... Hey Bella.
Murphy looks like a puppy but is actually 8 years old young. Fab!
Barnaby strutting his stuff. Loving this Barnaby.
Jack we welcome you with love from the bottom of our hearts.
Lest we Forget - love from wonderful Yoda.
Adorable Lola is learning how to give her paw... keep up the good work Lola.
Love from axel_and_nova who also have their own instagram page. Axel and Nova AmericanBullys
Papa Scooby so lovely to see you today gorgeous.
Cutie Pie Summer we are so happy to meet you here at Happy Doggy news.
Yeah, lovely to see our Friend Sammy - just chilling today.
Bobbi is 3 years and 2 months, a rescue from Romania, living his absolute best life today.
lovely Luna wishes all our friends a happy Friday.
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