DO YOU SING TO YOUR DOG? – send us your video!

We are so happy to be back and today we begin with our favourite video ever. Your dog forms unconditional bonds with you and they love and feel relaxed with your voice in it’s soothing mode. Having terrible voices this end we are still able to sing and make our own Chihuahua JET close his eyes with contentment (hopefully not a blocking it all out reaction – we will go with contentment.)


O.K. we would love love love to receive your short video’s. We don’t mind if you sing like Pavarotti or your tone deaf Uncle Sam. Send us you singing to your doggy, whether they are enjoying it or not and we will publish it here for all HAPPY DOGGY NEWS friends to view.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Not the best voice by any stretch of the imagination but JET is enjoying it…… poor boy LOL
Oh my goodness! We love this video. Tom singing and dancing with the beautiful ROXY!
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