WE INTERVIEWED BLACK DOGS – THEY told us why Humans should Adopt them!

We asked some of our BLACK DOGGY friends what they thought of themselves – what beautiful attributes do they have and why they are amazing doggy’s to Rescue or Adopt!

We asked our own Doggy JET (also Admin for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS!) what he thought!

JET told HAPPY DOGGY NEWS that Black Doggy’s like himself are very magnificent and he thinks one of the reasons they may not be adopted so often is that when you take a photograph of a black dog, it’s not always so easy to see their eyes as clearly – he says that’s important because people make their first connection with the eyes! JET went on to say that it could be to do with very strange idea’s that some people have about the colour Black being linked to superstition!

When we chatted with BELANA she told us that we just need to take a look at her and see how beautiful Black Doggy’s can be! We knew exactly what she meant and totally agreed with her statement!

Chatting to BILLY was very interesting! He mentions that Black Doggy’s can have these shiny coats that make every other doggy envious! He says that he draws attention when on his walkies as he is so handsome!

BRUNO was a fascinating character to talk to us at Happy Doggy News! He told us that Black Dogs encourage lots of hugs from their owners and this in turn helps alleviate various severities of low mood and depression! He had been reading a lot on this very interesting subject!

We spoke to BUDDY over FaceTime as he is in Oklahoma and we are located in Bournemouth! After setting up his FaceTime account he was very chatty and said that the best part of having a Black Dog was that if you have a Black towel or Coat, you won’t see their fur on it! We thought this was a very valuable point!

DEXTER was the next Doggy we interviewed. We sat on the sofa with a cup of tea and he explained that Black Dogs should never be discriminated against, however, they are unfortunately and he would like to see a big change in this! We totally agreed with this clever guy!

HERMIE chatted with our own doggy JET himself! JET told us that HERMIE said that Black Dogs are just darn cute and you just need to take a little look at this photo of him! We can’t argue with this, it is factual and you are gorgeous HERMIE!

We were not able to get in touch with gorgeous INCA but Jenny told us that she totally adored having a Black Doggy – So do we Jenny, we love our Black JET! We love this photo and send our love!

MAISEY was recovering from an operation when we spoke to her! She looked out of the window and deliberated the question! She told us with much wisdom that you will never ever regret adopting a Black Dog – this she said is a fact and we know it to be true also! Get well soon MAISEY!

We were lucky enough to have a sunny day when talking to NEGRO! We sat in the garden and had a little snooze with him – he said there are no words to explain why a Black Doggy is great, you just need to spend a little time with him and you will know! Well we did spend some time with him and yes we know!

NIBBLES was so welcoming! We knew he had a couple of good reasons already prepared for us! He told Happy Doggy News that Black Doggy’s were very charming! He went on to tell us that they are extremely loving and he would love to support all the Black Doggy’s out there that need a ‘forever home’!

OMAHA was multi-tasking when we met him! He told us he would be happy to chat to us as long as he could run around the yard at the same time! He told us that Black Doggy’s will keep you fit and healthy both physically and mentally!

We spoke to PEPPA on the phone as she is such a busy girl! She told us she lives in a house of Black Doggy’s and that they are clever, gorgeous, shiny and sweet! We can’t argue with that!

RAGNER was deep in thought the day we asked him this question! He says he would like a little longer to contemplate and get back to us! Keep popping back to our page for any updates!

We found it difficult to keep up with ROXY! We ran through the fields with our questions – we couldn’t quite hear her as she was way ahead of the Happy Doggy News Team – However, just watching her explained in itself why a Black Doggy is amazing!

SKYE charmed us with a big hug when we met and we needed no more than this to understand the wonderful hearts and souls of Black Doggy’s – thank you for the biscuits SKYE!

WHITNEY is being adopted and awaiting her travels to the U.K. to her wonderful ‘forever home’ – we managed to get a little chat via a Zoom Call. She says that she is an Ambassador for Black Doggy’s and we can tell she will be a fabulous role model! Happy travels soon WHITNEY!

We loved how WINSTON managed to give us some great advice whilst at the same time squeaking his fabulous toy chicken! He has heard that humans who Adopt Black Doggy’s are generally 20% happier! – Sounded very scientific to us!

SKYE was so happy to meet us, she scooted around the park with joy! We saw how wonderfully charming she was with the other humans in the park and could instantly see the benefits of adopting a Black Doggy!

NEPTUNO took us for a drive in his car! He told us he thinks better in the car! He says that when you adopt a Black Doggy, they usually come with their driving licence and so you automatically get a Private Driver! – well we think this is a brilliant bonus!

Karen’s Doggy was available for interview in the conservatory. When asked what is good about adopting a Black Doggy, we were told to ask Mum Karen as she says ‘I’m the best dog in the whole World everyday! – so it is probably to do with my colour!’

It really doesn’t get any better than this!

Talking to Black Doggy’s directly and getting their insights to the question of why it is GREAT to Rescue and ADOPT a BLACK DOGGY!

We thank all of the above BLACK DOGGY’S for taking time out of their busy schedules to WOOF to us!


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Chelsea meade
Chelsea meade
8 months ago

Gorgeous babies as always. You always make me smile to see such beautiful doggies. Xxx

8 months ago

Lovely story about black dogs – all gorgeous x

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