LOVE, DOGS AND HOMELESSNESS! – Thank you to all the street dogs!


At the moment I am not able to write about the subject of human homelessness and dog ownership with great depth. It is one of the reasons, I am going to ask you your thoughts and then as the weeks go by I will endeavour to find out more and come back to this page to update.

For me, I love humans more than dogs, and I really love dogs! People are complex and we all need love and understanding. Usually we are annoyed or angered by someone who we can’t understand, they do something that goes against our beliefs of how to treat people. However, we have no idea really where their thought process is coming from. We end up being the judge and jury without even asking the guilty party along to defend themselves.

Dogs are our Angels in Disguise, here to show us how to love! They love humans often more than humans love other humans! A lesson here to be learnt don’t you think!

I met a charming man who had no permanent abode sitting outside a cafe in a local area to me! It’s not so local that I would have met him before but now I know where he is, he will be in my thoughts!

This is a gentleman who goes by the name ‘Squirrel’! No idea where the name came from but you can bet your bottom dollar that it means something very dear to him. It’s kinda cute too!

Squirrel was sitting with his three dogs, who may I add, all looked in extremely good health and clean and loved. They were certainly loved! Squirrel’s life was about loving these three beautiful dogs! Totally besotted by the dogs, I stopped for a chat. Squirrel told me briefly of his life and it has been extremely hard for him and hard for anyone to listen too actually. I met his dogs, they are the very gorgeous DOLLAR (White doggy!) – DENNIS (Black doggy!) – DAISY (Staffy!) The other beautiful doggy belongs to Squirrels friend!

I had a little hug with each doggy and they all had the most beautiful temperaments. Squirrel allowed me to take some photos and so we are happy to be able to publish here. At the time, he was talking to a lady he knew who had got to know him by their love of dogs.

Squirrel does have somewhere to sleep at nights and somewhere to cook but not a permanent home, which he is waiting for.

If only I could conjuor up a little house with a garden for these beautiful souls I would – in the meantime, Squirrel will hold a place in my heart and I wish him so well for his future!

Please stop and talk to anyone who looks like they could be struggling this way. We are all only three steps away from being in the same position! We are humans, we can be as compassionate as we chose and I hope that you always chose compassion!

There has been a documentary made about just this type of story and below we have a little snippet of what the documentary is about – it is a great watch!

We would love to know your thoughts and you can leave us your comments here for discussion on the purple area which is linked to Facebook.

We will update this page regularly. Today is 11th January 2022 and we will talk soon!


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5 months ago

The dogs look very well looked after .That poor homeless man touched my soul so aweful this day and age peole are homeless ..

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