PIOHLIO and LENDIA’S happy ending story!

This is such a lovely story! A story of two beautiful ex-breeding doggy’s – PIOHLIO and LENDIA.

We have some gorgeous photos – PIOHLIO is the gold and white doggy and LENDIA is black and white. Their sibling is the third beautiful girl TIA.

Both PIOHLIO and LENDIA spent most of the lives breeding abroad. They both were brought to England by their owner. Their owner returned home leaving them both with an ex partner. We could say, unfortunately the ex partner didn’t want them who passed them to his Mum who also didn’t want these beautiful doggy’s! BUT we believe it was their fortune not to be wanted at this point as their lives were about to completely change around! Their future would allow them to find love and happiness and be a part of a wonderful family!

Susan already had a lovely doggy called TIA and was sure she didn’t want another dog!!!! Well, that’s what she thought!!

PIOHLIO and LENDIA had been passed on to a Foster Family and this family happened to be friends of Susan – O.K. you can see the future of this story right!

Susan met PIOHLIO and LENDIA when she went to visit her friend. Well, that was it! She fell in love with them both immediately! This was the day their lives would become wonderful! They had always been working so hard as breeding doggy’s it was their time to find a loving life for themselves!

The very next day PIOHLIO and LENDIA went to their ‘forever home’ with Susan. They would also find themselves another sister called TIA – Wow! they got so lucky!

PIOHLIO was actually born with very limited sight but this hasn’t stopped him embracing his new life, he gets around very well! An inspiration!

Both doggy’s are naturally very bonded but have taken on TIA as another bond – they love each other dearly!

Susan has said that they have brought great joy to her home and family!

This is such a beautiful story and we so thank Susan for sending to us!

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Love and Woofs

Alison and JET (admin Chihuahua for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS!)

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8 months ago

Such lovely dogs ,and very happy ending ❤ marilyn griffiths xx

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