We have the honour of writing a remembering post for wonderful SWEEP!

He was also very effectionately called BUBBA!

This little guy certainly earnt his name. Linda, his human Mum tells us that he was named SWEEP as his tail never stopped wagging! She use to laugh and say ‘There he goes, sweeping the floor!’ – Such a fabulous love of life!

His delightful enthusiastic tail would often knock things over – we are picturing this and smiling as this is such a lovely thing to be remembered for – so very sweet!

Dog lovers all know that our dogs help our physical health by keeping us active but they also support us so much with our mental health!

Dog’s are our Angels in disguise!

Linda became extremely unwell with Cancer. It was SWEEP who showed her how to fight the battle she was faced with. SWEEP being such a beautiful soul was right by her side through all the chemotherapy. Linda due to the illness also had to have both hips replaced. It was SWEEP who encouraged her to get up and live life – he was her angel and really saved her life!

The bond between Linda and SWEEP is hard to put into words but those who are passionate doggy lovers will understand!

This gorgeous boy loved playing with his ball absolutely everywhere he went! – to the park, the beach, the garden, anywhere!

He also loved the feel of the sand on his paws and he would squeal with excitement every time he saw the sea. He would move like a shot when he saw the sand and he loved retreiving his ball from the sea!

SWEEP was so good with his toys and treats, he would happily let any other doggy play with and share anything that was his!

From a puppy until the day SWEEP left for his new adventures over the RAINBOW BRIDGE he made Lindas life wonderful and we have no doubt that SWEEP had the most amazing life that Linda created for him. SWEEP obviously adored Linda the same!

Like all our Angels in Disguise, SWEEP wasn’t here to stay forever! He left this world at the age of exactly 15 years, two months and one day old!


This story shows the absolute happiness life can become when you invite a dog to be part of your family and life!

SWEEP has earnt his Angel Wings and will be sharing his beautiful soul in doggy heaven! They are lucky to have you back SWEEP – you have done wonders on this Earth!

Linda would like to thank the girls at ‘PICK N MIX – PAWS FOR CAUSE’ for their amazing support since loosing SWEEP. She will be forever grateful to them!

PICK N MIX – PAWS FOR CAUSE raise funds for many doggy charities and you can read about them here

We thank Linda so very much for her beautiful story and we think SWEEP was such a handsome and fabulous boy!

If you would like us to write a Remembering page for your doggy, please contact us via the form below or via our Facebook Page – BEAUTIFUL DOGGY SOULS!

We are very friendly – you can either write your story yourself or you can just list lots of notes and we can write for you!


Love and Woofs


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