BLUEBERRY’S – pick n mix – PAWS for CAUSE doggy fundraiser!

This year we have chosen a doggy rescue fundraiser called PICK N MIX – PAWS FOR CAUSE!. 10% OF PROFITS MADE FROM THE SALES OF OUR DOGGY CALENDARS WILL GO TO THIS RESCUE. It changes the world by helping doggy’s abroad. Blueberry is their own doggy and their doggy Facebook Page can be reached here

This is an idea of the work Joanne Shrimpton does in the words of her doggy Blueberry! This was Blueberrys own rescue!

‘Hi guys, my name is Blueberry, so my story, I was put in a public shelter in Serbia with four good legs, 4 days later I was carried out with horrendous injuries to my back legs, these injuries were man made, on July 2nd 2015 a very special lady called Silvija Petak Strazmester who saw me when my legs were ok took me out of the public shelter, I was diagnosed with a traumatic disk prolapse. The damaged disk was pressuring my spinal cord and as a result I was paralyzed.The surgery was performed to release a pressure which might give me a better chance to walk again. I was operated on 24th July 2015.Soon i got my first wheelchair. We really hoped that I could walk, i started to move but my legs would not move, i couldn’t make one step,in March 2016 along came another special lady Gillian Daghastini of Wolfies Legacy, a Rescue in the uk who specialises in disabled dogs, she and her team did everything they could to save my legs but it wasn’t to be, I then got5 gangrene, I had one leg amputated and Gillian and her team tried to help me walk with my one remaining back leg but there was nothing there, no movement so I had my other back leg amputated, through all of this I still was happy that I had Gillian to love me, I had some special wheels made to measure for me and boy did I take to them, I could run pretty well in my wheels but I am still fast on my bottom too lol, as happy as I was living with Gill I still needed an adopter because Gill save lots of dogs like me, no one came forward but my Mum and Dad saw a different dog who looked like their Tripaw Nadu and my Mum knew Gill so she asked about him, he had many offers so Gill said ‘haven’t you fallen for Blueberry’, my Mum tells me that was it, that first photo was all it took, I am now the proud owner of my human Mum and Dad, Joanne and Tony, I have a pack of my own with eight brothers and sisters and life is great. In March of 2018 I had to have my tail amputated as it was infected, after amputation my tail literally fell apart, the vet said it was touch & go but myself nor my Mum & Dad were gonna let anything happen so they nursed me back to health, I had sutures every week to keep a pad on my tail, my wound was cleaned & dressed around 10 times per day by Mum & Dad for months but I didn’t mind, I knew it was all being done for me & now I am back to fully fit Blueberry. Everyone says that no matter what I have been through I still remain a happy boy, I am happy, I have my own family who love me very much and I love them too. I hope you enjoy following my journey in life All my love Blueberry’ xx 

‘have also bagged myself a girlfriend, I did play hard to get at first 🤣 but how could I resist the gorgeous Phoebe who has IVDD and cancer, Phoebe got her wheels through my Mum and her pals group Pick ‘n’ Mix Cause for Paws, well I did my usual grumble but Phoebe took no notice so I knew then that we would be great pals, I put her through her paces cos you know me, I am a whizz in my wheels and Phoebe did absolutely fab, she still chases her ball and did you notice the little kiss, I was hoping Mum wouldn’t notice cos I have my street cred to think of 🤣♥


Thank you so much Joanne for the wonderful work you do!

Love and Woofs

Alison and Jet (the admin chihuahua for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS!)

We love that the hard word involved here ends in such a HAPPY DOGGY STORY and we would love to hear more happy ending stories here at HAPPY DOGGY NEWS!

If you would like to share your story you can contact us via our form below or Message Us at our Facebook Page HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ALISONANDJET

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