Ronnie and Jack’s story by Amie

We thank Amie with all our heart for this beautiful story – enjoy!

She writes …….

Oh my goodness Ronnie, this is so so sweet!

Ronnie is a 5 year old long haired chihuahua. He still looks like he was when we first met him.

When we first met Ronnie he was only little just turned around 2 years old. We met him and instantly fell in love. I remember saying if you ever want to give him to someone I will have him!

So funny enough, the last owners were moving so I offered to have him whilst they moved house and after moving in  they said they could no longer have him. So without knowing we actually just got given Ronnie to look after full time. It was the best decision I ever made.

Every doggy needs a little chill out time!

At the time we did actually have another dog called Jack, he was a friendly jack russel (whom we also got given) but that’s another story.

Jack and Ron became like brothers , although Ron was shy at first he eventually grew to Jack and were inseparable. They shared the same bed , same food and even same clothes (yes they wear clothes). Sleeping was their favourite activity as they would snooze on the sofa together.

Jack was quite old when we introduced Ron so we wasn’t so sure however Ron gave Jack a new lease of life and knew when to calm down for snoozing time.

Ron was the best little doggy brother to Jack ever!

When Jack passed over to doggy heaven I think Ron knew.

There is so much love in this photo! Ronnie and Jack!

Since then Ron has became a confident little doggo and gets he’s own way every time. He’s a very spoilt pooch and always wants love all the time.

If you’ve been gone out of sight for five minutes and you come back he will jump up because he’s so excited to see you. That’s what’s so special about doggos they have eternal love no matter what.

Ron has got a funny personality and if he was human I think he would have such a dry humour. Sometime i think he thinks he is a human.

I don’t think dogs realise the impact they have on our lives.

When we’re all eating he’s got this habit to sit in front and go on he’s back legs to beg and it is cute but we have to tell him not because he shouldn’t do it when people are eating ( he would eat anything – he loves cakes ). That’s my favourite thing about him he tries to be cute but really he would steal your food if you weren’t looking.

We love both dogs and even though Jack has passed we still love him too!

Both of them are such big impacts on our lives. We made so many memories with Jack and now it’s time to make time memories with Ron alone.

Such a cheeky boy with a Chihuahua zest for life!

We totally love this story of your two furry babes. Jack now has his well earnt Angel Wings and is off enjoying his next adventures over the Rainbow Bridge. And, Ronnie, he keeps you on your toes every day!

Love and Woofs

Alison and Jet (admin Chihuahua for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS)!

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