The very handsome DEXTER! – Fabulous boy x

Super gorgeous RAF – we can see you are a very happy boy RAF !

We have been sent this extremely uplifting story about the absolute love of dogs – thank you so very much Kassandra!

Kassandra has always been the parent of a doggy for as long as she can remember. Chocolate Labs, Mum and Son, Tia and Rocco were very lucky to have her and family as their family. It was when Tia was around ten years old (the average lifespan of a labrador is 11) that she decided she wanted to give another dog a home. It was an advanced decision as she knew when it was time for beautiful Tia to pass that her son Rocco would not be able to cope without another doggy!

The first doggy she was very interested in fell through, so she decided it would be an idea to do a ‘long term foster’.

Kassandra was advised of a doggy that needed fostering but was completely shut down emotionally, frightened of himself and just about everything else! Obviously this wasn’t going to be an easy foster but she arranged for a visit to her home.

Tia and Rocco bundled this new doggy to the floor as soon as he arrived, showing him they were the bosses of the house! Although Kassandra was embarrased and felt awkward about this , Mandy, the lady who had brought the doggy round for the visit was so lovely and explained this was an understandable reaction and was so supportive making everyone feel calm again.

DEXTER was the gorgeous boy who was having the visit. He was so scared of everything around him and certainly didn’t want any human contact. (Our hearts feel for this lovely boy at this stage, as he must have lived with such trauma before). Mandy explained that DEXTER would be a very tricky foster doggy as he may never change and would probably never be able to be let off the lead to run free.

Anyway, two hours later after DEXTER leaving, Kassandra called back to say YES she would take on DEXTER! (HURRAY! – this is where we begin to smile as we are writing up this beautiful story)!

It was her BEST DECISION EVER! TIA absolutely adored DEXTER and became his Momma. However, TIA was getting older and just before her 15th birthday, the heartbreaking decision was made to let her go, the Rainbow Bridge was waiting and she was ready to earn her Angel Wings!

Sadly and more of a shock, ROCCO too had to leave to be with his Mum over the Rainbow Bridge. He had suffered from cancer in this world! Kassandra and family were devastated. They believed at this point, understandably that they couldn’t adopt any more doggy’s.

However, and yes, this is the happy part again! They found a beautiful boy RAF through Mandy and Pamela. RAF had the look in his eye that reminded her of her beloved ROCCO. This she couldn’t ignore and so she applied to adopt RAF.

Now they live with the fabulous DEXTER and RAF. What a fabulous two boys they are! DEXTER enjoys cuddles now, on his own terms but how amazing is that! Such a great progression for this gorgeous boy! RAF has taught DEXTER that he needs to know where his home is and how to come back to his home.

The point that Kassandra would like to make is ‘NEVER GIVE UP HOPE’. Never give up trying, it may take years. You may never get where your heart wants them to be but persevere!

Here they are now, both off the lead and thriving, enjoying life each and every day.

Hard work, patience, perseverance, dedication but most of all LOVE ! Because LOVE CAN ALWAYS SET YOU FREE!

We at HAPPY DOGGY NEWS are feeling emotional from the beauty of this story and we so thank Kassandra for contacting us and sharing….. WOW ! Thank you!

Enjoy the wonderful videos!

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Thank you for joining us at HAPPY DOGGY NEWS!

Love and Woofs

Alison and JET the admin Chihuahua for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS! (he does a great job for a Chihuahua)!

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