Remembering you Angel Doggy’s – NALA

Today we are remembering the super gorgeous girl NALA!

We are just looking at this beautiful photo, how totally lovely you were NALA !

Gwenda sent us some words and this lovely photo to share with you.

NALA was one of the most gentlest of dogs there ever was! She very sadly lived until only three years old – However, every day of these three years were full of fun, happiness and so much love, so NALA’S quality of life was just wonderful.

Loving life, beautiful girl NALA !

NALA was a doggy who absolutely loved life and loved people. She had a way about her that that was able to make way into everyone’s hearts – this was her superpower and in return she had an abundance of attention! – Clever girl!

She was a brilliant funny character and loved to go for her walks – you can see how happy she is in the photo above.

NALA also loved a game of tug and took a particular liking to Gwenda’s sons very expensive designer boxer shorts – these were the perfect pair for a game of tug! Of Course! Not so happy with torn expensive boxer shorts, he wasn’t that happy to begin with but now Gwenda’s son cannot part with these boxer shorts as the memories are so happy. (It’s funny how some things that happen on a relatively average day stay with us for life as they remain so important to us!)

NALA was also very good at investigating and Gwenda still has the proof of this to see every day. The hinge to the washing machine door isn’t quite as perfect as it use to be as NALA would always want to see what was on top of it when it was in use – trying to work out the mechanics!

Such a beautiful photo!

NALA you have earnt your ANGEL WINGS for sure and we know that you are now enjoying your new adventures over the RAINBOW BRIDGE, still finding your way into each heart you come across.

NALA is remembered with love and smiles for all the love she brought to this World!

Thank you so very much Gwenda.

We send love and Woofs

Love Alison anad Jet The admin doggy Chihuahua for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS!

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