Remembering your Angel Doggy’s – Alf

Today we are remembering the very beautiful boy ALF. Oh my goodness what a sweetie pie!

ALF was a Russian boy and belonged to a lovely friend in Russia, йрйна.

He was her absolute baby, best friend and highlight of each and every day!

ALF had asking for treats down to ‘a fine art’. He loved his Teddy Bears and was very playful and had a wonderful zest for life.

He would sleep with йрйна on her lap and also was very lucky to be able to sleep in bed with her. What a wonderful life!

ALF was obviously very handsome but also an extremely intelligent boy, he was a cultured gentledoggy!

Belly rubs were given plentifully as ALF loved all humans and his love for them was returned with belly rub love from the humans.

Alf didn’t like the doorbell for some reason, he also didn’t like fireworks and thunderstorms. (this is so common with dogs, it is so sad we can’t explain to them that although very noisy they are not in any danger!)

йрйна misses her little boy each day but remembers him with love and happiness.

ALF you have earnt your ANGEL WINGS and we know that you are sharing your heart and love with all the other doggy’s over that fabulous RAINBOW BRIDGE.

We love this story and can’t stop looking at ALF’S adorable little face.

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Love and Woofs

Alison and JET (the admin Chihuahua for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS)


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