Today we are remembering the very beautiful RAGAMUFFIN.

RAGAMUFFIN had an abusive start to her life but after this first year she became very lucky as her forever home awaited her with so much love and extra special love to try and make up for her first year! She had fourteen and a half years with her forever family, and those years were just the most precious for both Linda and family and RAGAMUFFIN herself.

RAGAMUFFIN’S 15th Birthday. Oh my goodness, look at the table of gifts! Gorgeous photo!

Like a lot of our doggy’s RAGAMUFFIN had a nickname, hers was ‘RAGGSY’. This lovely girl, although not treated with love and respect for the first year of her life, had remained a loving and trusting soul (this takes a great spirit). She was so gentle and kind.

So from ‘the pound’ to happiness, RAGAMUFFIN enjoyed life to the full. She loved children and they loved her. She would dress up for Halloween in at least two costumes to surprise the children who came knocking for candy. She didn’t disappoint! The children loved to also have their photo taken with her on Halloween. (There must be some wonderful memories from photos out there with a lot of people!).

RAGAMUFFIN loved watching T.V. Her favourite movie was The Wizard of Oz and if Linda decided to turn anything she was watching over, she would give you that well deserved ‘dirty look’! We love the thought of this!

She was such a beautiful soul who really just wanted to please her humans. Linda could still tell that she lived with fear within her but on the whole she still remained one of the happiest dogs! Like all doggy’s who have suffered in the past, there are triggers and RAGAMUFFIN would run and hide if she thought she had done anything wrong – of course Linda and her family never once laid a hand on her, but this was part of her conditioning which had been hard wired from a puppy from her first year.

She loved her family so much, everyone she met and all animals. Her favourite toy was her stuffed duck (oh we love it when doggy’s have a favourite toy! – just so sweet!)

RAGAMUFFIN was Linda’s special soul animal and there will never be another like her. She is remembered each day with love and happiness.

RAGAMUFFIN will be remembered each and every single day with love!

RAGAMUFFIN you are now using your well deserved Angel Wings and sharing that special loving ability to those with you over the wonderful Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you so very much Linda for letting us know a little about your wonderful girl.

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Love and Woofs

Alison and JET the admin Chihuahua for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS !

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