We have had this wonderful letter sent in from PAM GORDON regarding the charity we have written a story for…

‘I am very fortunate that neither of my dogs need this sort of help.

I HAVE to admit that I stumbled on this group by accident and my opinion of disabled dogs has done a complete U turn since discovering just what is available.

More importantly, what really changed my mind was seeing the images of the “poor” disabled dogs, who had lost the sparkle from their eyes and then seeing updated images of the same dogs once they’d rec’d and gotten used to their wheels. The expression on these wonderful dogs’ faces had completely changed! They really had got a new lease on life. I needed no further proof than that and I am now a firm supporter of this FABULOUS GROUP.

If I wasn’t disabled myself and could afford to make regular donations to them I certainly would, as the work that these few people do is truly amazing. They GIVE BACK the life these dogs once had before their legs failed them. Their brains and the remainder of their bodies are still in fine fettle and, with the help of a relatively small piece of equipment, they can go on to live the rest of their lives and have as much fun as they want.

Had I not by chance come across this group (sorry, it’s now officially a Charity) and had one of my beloved dogs lost the use of its legs I would have believed that I had no option but to PTS my dog but, I now KNOW that is not the case. There ARE options and, for those people like me, who wouldn’t be able to afford to buy this equipment, it is really good to know that it can be LOANED OUT, for as long as it is needed and more importantly, free of charge!

I am sure I am not alone in not knowing about this marvellous equipment and the knowledge of it should be spread far and wide. If five people can make THIS much difference to so many dogs AND humans lives can you imagine how many of these lovely dogs’ lives would be saved if more groups/Charities were set up and followed the example set by Rachel and her beloved boy, Winston?

I truly am in awe of what Rachel, Winston and her friends have created and wish them every possible success in the future – Good on you Girls AND, not forgetting Winston, without whom NONE of this would have been possible xxx’

Thank you Pam for sending us this letter we also are huge fans of this amazing charity!

Love Alison and JET (admin Chihuahua for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS)

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