Thank you for all your lovely feedback about our website, we appreciate you could be spending your time looking at absolutely anything but you have chosen to spend some of your time with us ! – So appreciated!

HAPPY DOGGY NEWS is always looking at DOGS and Mental Health. How dogs make such a positive impact on our lives and really are our best therapists!

We are looking to publish stories with this in mind. If a dog has changed your life we would love to hear from you. We only need first names. There is nothing more uplifting to read than a dog who has created a better life for us humans.

You can contact us via our facebook page http://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BEAUTIFULDOGGYSOULS

We do not need a well written story, just facts listed or sentences strung together. We will take your words and create the story our end. As soon as it is published we will send you the link to check all is written the way you would want it to be.

Love and Woofs

Alison and JET (the admin Chihuahua for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS)

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