This week we have been collecting doggy close up photos. We will be publishing as DOGGY SELFIES (as if they have sent in their own photos). We will publish tomorrow!

Take a little look at all our doggy stories we have been sent to see if you also have a little story we can share to HAPPY DOGGY NEWS! We are just looking for little bits of information for us to write up to story form for you. So if you have adopted a doggy from a particular charity for example, this would make a lovely story as well as advertising that particular charity.

You can use the form below or directly contact us as alison@beautifuldoggysouls.com which is our Facebook Page. We have many stories of rescued doggy’s who have found their wonderful ‘forever homes’ and so a story with a happy ending.

We like our visitors to leave our website on a very positive note.

If you have any DOGGY SELFIES to send we would also love to have them to publish tomorrow.

If you would like to have a little giggle, you can read yesterday’s DAILY NEWS AND WOOFS with link below. Yes it is a ‘willy story’ but a very innocent one! https://happydoggynews.com/2021/04/14/daily-news-and-woofs-jets-willy-story/

Love and Woofs

Alison and Jet (Chihuahua admin doggy for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS).

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