DAILY NEWS AND WOOFS – Jet’s Willy Story!

WEDNESDAY 14TH APRIL – later news than usual !

Good afternoon, good afternoon!

We have a wonderful story for you which could also be of value to you if you have a male doggy in your family!

JET our wonderful Chihuahua, use to have a particular problem when we first adopted him and recently he has just started to have the problem again! It’s all about his willy !

O.K. last night he became very frisky with his fluffy FLAMINGO – the flamingo is called PEE PEE Flamingo due to the fact that we had to buy this plush toy from the pet shop due to Jet cocking his leg and peeing over it ! He was told he would be banned from the shop if he did it again !!!!!!!!!! So so funny…

Anyway after an evening with PEE PEE Flamingo it was bedtime. It wasn’t until the morning that we realised his penis was stuck in the foreskin, just popping out but nethertheless looking quite painful.

We have in the past taken him to the vets and we have also been able to rectify ourselves! We tried cold water then vaseline but to no avail!!!!

We called the vets, who was an older vet who had a few little tips up his sleeve. Anyway, it was suggested, before we brought him in to try one more thing. To cover his willy in sugar!!!!! Yes you heard correctly.

What a job this is if you are not a vet, at home, staying at your Mum’s! If anyone could have seen looking through the window they would have been astonished.

O.K. willy was coated in sugar. We popped straight on but we realised after the event that it would have been better to make a sugar paste really.

We left the sugar on and hey presto after twenty five minutes, mission was accomplished and Jet was a more comfortable boy!! The sugar apparently draws out moisture leaving the willy smaller to go back to where it belongs!

So, we thought this would be a good little tip for anyone else who encounters this problem with their wonderful boy doggy’s!

The photo above is of Jet and PEE PEE FLAMINGO

Love and Woofs

Alison and JET (admin Chihuahua for HAPPY DOGGY NEWS)

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