This is the story of the most beautiful girl MILDRED. It is also a warning to anyone thinking of buying a puppy and not doing their research where the puppy is from!!! Cal who sent us this story wants this to be a happy ending doggy story but one to make everyone stop and think !

Sadly MILDRED was a beautiful soul who hadn’t had any freedom of her own. She hadn’t been loved. MILDRED had been kept in a derelict warehouse in a cage amongst many other lined up cages. Each cage housed a female doggy. This is how the breeder insanely made their money. MILDRED herself had been made to breed for around 4 to five years.

Thankfully the authorities were alerted and she was rescued along with some of the other amazing doggy’s! At last they could be set free and begin new lives of respect and love! However, not all the doggy’s made it, which is heartbreaking!

Although through neglect MILDRED was matted, smelling and completely mentally shut down, she was to have her life turned around completely with the love of Cal and family.

It took time and patience for MILDRED to be able to trust a human or even understand what love was ! Cal showed her this unconditional love, patience and calmness. MILDRED was hand fed in order to accomplish trust in the beginning. Cal and family really just wanted to scoop her up and cuddle her tightly but what MILDRED needed was time and a lot of space before this could happen!

Going along at MILDRED’S pace was the only option for success here. This paid off and slowly this wonderful girl began to understand that she was truly loved and began to respond with this understanding.

Now, look at her! Wow, she is such a gorgeous girl! Although she remains tramatised, her life is a life worth living!

MILDRED trusts her family, she absolutely loves her cuddles now and she is fabulously bossy when she wants to be ! This is part of her character everyone loves ! (way to go MILDRED!)

This gorgeous girl will always have her fears but she will also be loved every single minute for the rest of her life. She is also surrounded by love from her other wonderful furry siblings!

We thank Cal and family for sending us this story, one which has a beautiful ending and one to highlight the importance of homework before buying a Dog!

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