This is a beautiful story of how six furry doggy’s from different walks of life became one big family in their forever home!

Starting with the very gorgeous ROSIE. This beautiful girl was rescued by Lorraine and Kev six years ago now when ROSIE was around ten years old. She was in a terrible state as her previous owner had neglected her health problems. Six years on, she is a happy, healthy Basset Hound who’s eyesight is not that great but somehow she can find her food very easily!!!! Oh ROSIE you are adorable!

O.K. Next we have the very Handsome boy FRANKIE. He was rescued just a short time after ROSIE. He is a cross Chihuahua and an absolute adorable little fella. So now we have ROSIE AND FRANKIE in their wonderful forever home!

This is gorgeous girl COCO. COCO had had a lovely life but had to be given up for personal reasons. She was actually trained as a Therapy Doggy and was a visitor to Lorraine’s service users. This is where Lorraine met COCO and would eventually take her on into her forever home! She still is a Therapy Doggy and will happily sit on your lap all day! Yes please COCO, we want cuddles!

Then there is fabulous BUDDY. He was rescued to join the gang and his personality and confidence positively changed so much, he is a completely different dog now and lives his wonderfully happy life with his furry crew!

This is cutie pie JEFF. He was given up for adoption and found his forever home with Lorraine and Kev. His luck turned around with this family. So happy for you JEFF!

This is gorgeous LOLA. LOLA has always been a very loved doggy. She had to be adopted due to work reasons. Lorraine and Kevin took this sweet girl into their home and now there are six to this fabulous gang!


Above is the most wonderful photo of LILY (on the left) and FREDDIE (on the right). LILY AND FREDDIE are two gorgeous Bassett Hounds who have left Lorraine and Kev and are now enjoying their next adventures over the beautiful Rainbow Bridge!

WOW! What can we say!

All these doggy’s lives became wonderful when they found their forever home. It is so insirational to hear of the love and commitment they now receive and we would love to have photo updates!

Thank you so much Lorraine and Kev for sending in this story, it has warmed our hearts!


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